Monday, July 27, 2009

money (that's what i want).

hello dear friends. it has been nearly a month since i have written on this here blog. i wish that over the past month i had a lot of wonderful adventures that i could share with you. it is true that i have been on some wonderful adventures and have had the time of my life. and it is also true that i am lacking in the adventure category seeing as how i have yet to find employment. it is hard looking for a job everyday. i would be lying if i said that i look everyday, because i don't. but in my dream world, i have a job and it is awesome. until i face reality and realize that i am running out of money. slowly but surely.
but. lets not focus on the fact that i am running out of funds. let me catch you up on things that have been going down the past month. in no particular order:
*i went to delta for the fourth of july. it was a total party, but i will never again make the mistake of going down to watch the parade. it is awesome, but when you have to give all the candy you collect to the little kids you're with, it isn't as fun.
*i traveled down to the upside down ocean town (if you don't know where that is, i'll have to show you) and had a gay ol' time hanging out with my best buckaroo and kristacakes. it was the best weekend i have had since being home. i sure missed those bundles of joy while i was away.
*read "the perks of being a wallflower" and realized that life is beautiful. i really liked that book. it was sad and a little unbearable at times, but i enjoyed it. it made me realize how easy life is for the most part.
*i hung out with my sister a lot. the sister that i am closest to. she is great and has a great heart and i love her a lot, she has just made some decisions that were really hard for me to hear. i understand where she is coming from for the most part, but it made me sad to hear her lose faith. i hope that someday she'll come back to the truth, but she said that she wont and that is what hurt the most. but no matter what, i love her though. and her darling family.
*i went to a bon fire and reconnected with a bunch of old friends from high school. isn't it so great to see people that you haven't seen in so long, and it is almost like no time has passed? i love times like those. party over here.
*i inherited a giant bag of jewels that used to belong to my grandmother. i don't remember my grandma because i was little when she died, but having her jewelry makes me feel like i know her a little bit better. and i know for certain, from the jewels, that she had great style.
*i've seen three stellar firework shows. oh how i love fireworks. it is amazing how happy they make me. i always feel so giddy when i see the fireworks light up the sky. it is a magical thing for me. probably the closest i can get to being a wizard/witch.
*speaking of wizards and witches, i saw "harry potter and the half blood prince" the night before it came out. boom! i have connections. i've also seen it two more times since then. i love it. can you tell?
*i went boating for the first time in a long time. with the singles ward. it is so fun. i love boating. what i wouldn't give to have a boat in my family. that i could use whenever i wanted. my jobless life would be much more exciting.
*i went on a motorcycle ride with my dad over the alpine loop. that is, most definitely, one of my favorite drives in all of utah. it is beautiful. nature, gotta love it.
*on pioneer day hannah and i went crazy and decided to be pioneer, minus the outfits, and churned some butter, baked some homemade bread, and made some fresh strawberry jam (haha. we're really poor). we are such great pioneers and had the best time. no wonder pioneers were such happy people. hehe.
*i received some wonderful letters from the one, mason t. porter. he is in montreal on his mission and having the time of his life. he only has 6 months left and i am about pooing with excitement. i mean, i want him to have the best last 6 months, but i can't wait for him to be home. party!
*lastly i talked in relief society about my experience in china. if you haven't ever experienced anything like that, it is hard to relate, but let me tell you that china was awesome. i miss the kids more than i ever thought i would. and apparently i miss china as well because i cried as soon as i started talking about it. obviously china made me very emotional. embarrassing, but true. i get teary eyed over the weirdest things. oh well. i'm not even mad.

well. i hope that just about catches you up on my life as an unemployed, almost 21 year old, living in utah county. pretty exciting i know. i hope the past month has kept you all happy and healthy and swine-flu less. until next time.
peace and love.