Sunday, June 28, 2009


so here's the deal. just after my last post, the chinese government went crazy and decided to go ahead and block a ton of websites. including blogger and sometimes anything associated with google. because of this extremely inconvenient ordeal i wasn't able to access my blog, and thus; was not able to post anything about what went down my last couple months in china.

over the past two months i:

saw the misty mountains of yangshuo.

had the most awesome birthday party for hannah. fireworks included.

met some new friends.

took class pictures.

got my fortune told. it was a good one.

dressed our kids up and watched them graduate.

had the most awesome pool party.

and then we said goodbye. it was hard to leave but i am happy to be home.

let me just sum up by saying that: I LOVE CHINA. it was one of the most life changing experiences i have ever had. i grew so much while i was there and i miss it very much. i have a greater appreciation for all of my worldly possessions and an even greater love for my family. i am so blessed to have such a wonderful family that loves and cares about me. i missed them all so much while i was away and i am so happy to be home with them. i love you family. you're the best!