Sunday, August 28, 2011

birthday week!

hello friends.
i am back again, although it is not as soon as i had hoped. but i have a good explanation that i will get to later on. so lets get started, shall we? yes.

this week was my birthday week. my actual birthday was on monday, but the celebration got started a little early.
m. put together a birthday party at our house with some of our dearest friends. they are all so great and i was so happy that so many of them were able to show up.
the highlight of the party was the game that m. put together. he spent 3 hours after church putting together a mad-lib type story called "lindsey's birthday adventure." everyone that came to the party participated in putting the story together and i must say that it was brilliant and so much fun. i will post the story later.
here are a few pics from the birthday party night.

this is m. reading the the story.

i blew out all the candles in one blow, so my birthday wish is definitely coming true. ps. that candle came all the way from china. okay, it didn't come, i brought it with me when i came home. and it was/is awesome. can't you tell!

and here is a picture of just a few of the people that came. sorry if you were there and aren't in this picture. we were having so much fun that we forgot to get one with everyone.

these photos are the proof and reason why i didn't post last sunday. i was having too much fun with all my pals. and eating lots of cake!

the next day, monday, was my actual birthday and naturally, i used my last vacation day of the year and didn't go to work. i slept in a bit, but was woken up by my dearest husband who couldn't wait any longer for me to open my present. mostly because he had to go to work. to my surprise, i opened a big huge box to discover...
a sewing machine! exactly what i wanted! i have the best husband. if you didn't know.

after m. left for work, i went back to sleep, because i could, and then went a got a mani/pedi at a spa in provo. i didn't take a picture, cause my nails were wet, but my feet are so soft! and my cuticles are flawless. win!
i went to di following my visit to the spa, because it wasn't time for m. to leave work yet. i found a cool stand up book shelf that i bought and am in the process of redoing. it is going to rock when i am done. i will post a picture when it happens.

m. and i just hung out for a while, i took a little nap, cause it was my birthday and you can do whatever you want on your birthday. we went to dinner and then stopped off for some custard at coneys here in af. have you ever been there? talk about delicious. i had no idea.

here we are enjoying our chocolate and reeses peanut butter cup concrete.

m. had band practice after the custard so i went to my parents to find that my sweet mother got me an awesome sewing box for all of my new sewing stuff. best birthday presents ever!

the rest of the week went by pretty slow, but there were some high points. like when i came into work on tuesday to find this... yay!

and i got to hang out with this little gem of a friend. (sorry bad quality photo)

and saw this super sexy guy play some super sexy music.

i got to pinch these adorable cheeks!

and hung out with my hunkahunka burnin love all day on saturday.
this is us at m.'s cousins wedding. it was lovely.

ps. have you heard/seen the crazy rainstorms these last couple days? m. wrote a little story about our adventure with them. check it out here: mrorsontape

i hope your week was as good as mine! school starts for a lot of people this week. if you are in that boat, i wish you the best. and hope you don't have too much homework.
until next time. you are cool for reading this. and i thank you.

more pictures to come next week. stay tuned.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

year one. done.

hello friends. i am back once again and as promised, here are the pictures from my fourth of july trifle. i guess it was delicious because it was gone before i even got to try any, which is a good thing i suppose.

moving on...
  • as most of you know, m. is in a band call "Soft Science" they are kicking butt and have been playing a lot of shows the last couple of months and are in the process of recording their first ep. it is so exciting! stay tuned for more soft science news.
here is the first song they have recorded. so sit back, close your eyes, and listen to this sweet sound.

onto the next!
  • m. has been growing his beard out since the middle of june and for our anniversary he decided he would finally give in and shave it off. but not just any ol' shave. we went down to provo and he got an old fashion straight edge shave. it was quite tedious. but his face was like a babies bum afterwards.

  • we have officially been married for ONE YEAR as of last week! it has been, by far, the best year of my life. people always say that the first year is the hardest. i disagree with this. our first year was so easy. the greatest year i could have asked for.
  • m. is the best husband ever and planned a weekend up in park city for us to celebrate our first year of marriage. since our anniversary fell on a thursday this year, we decided to take work off on friday and spend the day together. pure bliss. we went to pc after work on thursday and had the best time just being together. and not working was pretty great too.

  • summer is almost over and honestly we haven't done a whole lot. we are excited for christmas time because we booked a cruise to mexico that will be little taste of heaven in the middle of winter.
this summer has been productive in some ways though.
m. learned how to unicycle.
we went to the pool.
m. went down the REALLY big slide.
we watched fireworks.
and best of all. we were together.

i love m. with all my heart.
there is no she without he.
and no me without m.

til next time, which will be next sunday (we are setting aside time just for blogging).

xo. linds.