Sunday, January 24, 2010

it's only love.

dear world.

let me tell you a story. it's about this girl. lets call her l. and this boy. lets call him m. (yes i get the irony that l, could be me, and m. could be mason. but lets get past that and move on with the story) and today, marks the day that the two of them have been best friends for not one, or two, but six years.
yes, i know that is a very long time. and it has been quite the roller coaster ride.
l. has had a lot of time on her hands today and has been thinking about the past six years a lot today and has come up with a few highlights that have gone down between m. and l.

let me enlighten you.
sophomore year. m. and l. had chemistry together. coincidence? 1.24.04. what a great day that was. they went to the hypnotist. bliss.
junior year. they both turned 16. on december 3 they went on their first date. to temple square to see the lights. it was freezing. but they got hot cocoa. happiness.
senior year. life took a turn and they both needed to grow up. they did. and when graduation came, they were finally on a hanging out level again. wonderful.
m. was at snow college. l. was at uvu (formerly uvsc). m. went to washington. l. did not. they saw each other for two days that summer. magic.
m. left on his mission to montreal. l. stayed here. work work work for the both of them. they wrote a letter each week. patience.
year two of m.'s mission. l. went to china. they wrote each week. they grew up. and grew closer together though the space between them was farther and wider. strength.
he is home. and found out his left leg is 3/4 inches longer than his right. and he lost his appendix. deal breaker? never.
they're together and not going anywhere. perfect.

what is next for 2010, you ask? well, it's only january, but i'm pretty sure this year is going to get better and better as the seasons come and go.

for the record: l. is so blessed to have m. in her life. he's the man. for real, everyone. a real manly man. and even though the doctor had to shave half his his chest for his appendectomy, he still has more hair on his chest than anyone else l. knows.
and that, dear world, is a real man.

alright world, i guess this is the end for now. until next time. keep on being awesome.
and be sure to say a prayer for the souls in haiti.
they need us. that includes you.


ps. february is almost here, do you have a valentine?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

two of us.

to keep you all up to date, life is still great. and gets greater everyday.

i live for the weekends.

i mean, i love the weekdays and don't get me wrong, i am enjoying work and school as much as ever.
but the weekend is where all the fun happens.
and i get to see this one guy that i kinda like.

he and i, we're just so happy.

can you tell?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i've just seen a face.

i have this friend.
her name is jessica rae {perry} schaack.
you see, she takes photographs in her spare time.
and recently she took some photos of hannah and myself.

everyone needs to check out her photos. click HERE.
she is living proof that beauty is all around us because she has a way of capturing that beauty in every photo she takes.

what i am trying to say here, is that she is incredible.

bless you jess.
and thank you.

ps. for all of you that are wondering, i officially have a b/f now. and we're so happy together.
sorry there aren't any pictures to document the amount of happiness that is going on, but honestly, it's the most happiness i've felt in my life.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

a day in the life.

alright bloggies.
here's the update i promised.
let me just start of by stating that:


and i am so happy.
the reunion with the one, m. t. porter, went down last night (saturday january 2, 2010) at about 5:45pm.
you see, i had been planning on going to the breakfast party that was going down at the porter abode, but unfortunately did not get a phone call until around 5:32pm, which i later found out was because m. did not have a telephone and didn't want to see me until we could actually hang out. great idea!
so, i waited around all day and was very patient (sort of) and finally when the phone call came as previously stated at 5:32, i immediately headed over to the porter house. it took me 11 minutes to get there. it was a very long 11 minutes.
i walked up to the door. i could hear my heart beating. my hands were shaking. i saw him through the window sitting at the kitchen table. he looked exactly as i remembered. my eyes got watery. i rang the door bell. his sister dayne answered. he came walking through the dining room. i felt like i was going to melt. he was wearing a vintage canadian hockey jersey. it was blue. he asked how i was. i said i was great. he put his arms around me. my eyes watered some more, but my giant smile didn't let the tears leave my eyes. we embraced. my heart was thumping against his chest. i was worried he could hear it. he didn't let go too soon. and when he did. our eyes met and my heart skipped a few beats.
he is home.
we sat in the kitchen, ate quesodillas with his family. it was like no time had passed. i just kept on looking at him in disbelief. i couldn't believe he was there. i had to touch him a few times to make sure he was real. he was, of course.
he touched my leg a few times as we sat at the table and made jokes and laughed at each other and everything else that was going on. i was surprised and instantly twitterpated. i had the giggles going wild inside of me.
as the night progressed, the two of us, along with some friends and family, went to the porter basement and watched the beloved jazz take on the nuggets. it was a long game. and unfortunately it didn't go as we all had hoped, but that didn't put a damper on the night. after all, the night was far from over.
post jazz game, we made our way to the gibby abode. with a pit stop at the millers house, and then the smith house where we heard a tragic story of "the battle of the bands: the death of macbook." following the tragic story we made it to the gibby house where the 11 (or so) of us that were there, squeezed into the theatre room, which became very muggy and hot after about half an hour. gross. and watched "taken". a pretty violent movie for m. to watch after 2 years of not watching any. but, when it was all said and done. the movie was enjoyed and all was well.
he is home.

let me just sum this up by saying once again that i am so happy.
life is so great. and i am so grateful that m. served a mission and is home and is happy and heathy.

i hope all of you had a wonderful january 2. i know that mine was unbelievable.

xo. linds.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

golden slumbers.

happy new year everyone!
i can't believe that it is finally 2010. this past year went by way too fast, but i am totally looking forward to 2010.

ok. so.
it's 7:27am on saturday january 2nd.
why am i up this early you ask?
because my best friend, mason t. porter, is home from his mission!
he got home last night around 10pm and the anticipation of seeing him is about to make my heart explode.
my hands are so shaky, and my heart goes through spats of beating about a million miles a hour
which makes me even more nervous.
i don't know why i am so nervous. i mean, he's just another guy, right?
haha. yeah. good one.
we have written a letter to each other every week since january 2008 and to think that two years have passed,
dozens of notebooks have been used, nearly gallons on ink have turned into words and finally, it's all over.
of course, the letter writing doesn't have to stop, but the whole, going to the post office to get a 75 cent stamp is all over.
don't get me wrong, i'm not sad about this, it's just a little surreal.

ok, so on to the question for why i am up so early?
well, you see, there is a breakfast party going on at mason's house this morning,
and yes, i was invited, but i am waiting for mason to call me, and that alone is why i am up so early.
my brain is going crazy and my heart is going to beat out of my chest.
those are two contributing factors as to why i can't sleep.
it's ok though, who really needs to sleep anyway when there is an extremely handsome man waiting to see them?
not me, thats who.

alright blog and blog readers, wish me luck.
and hey! lets all make this year a little greater than last year. deal?