Sunday, January 17, 2010

two of us.

to keep you all up to date, life is still great. and gets greater everyday.

i live for the weekends.

i mean, i love the weekdays and don't get me wrong, i am enjoying work and school as much as ever.
but the weekend is where all the fun happens.
and i get to see this one guy that i kinda like.

he and i, we're just so happy.

can you tell?


tifsong said...

this is so great!

Carlie said...

too, too, too cute! I love it. Too bad he is so far away and you can only see him on the weekends...only like 4 more months, you can do it!!!

the militonis said...

so linds i am so excited for you but i cant help but think that there is a little something behind this....possibly an amazingly exciting post in the near future?