Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010


hey everyone.
so obviously i totally failed at the 30 day blog challenge. i really wanted to do it for all 30 days, but without the internet at my home, i found that challenge to be completely impossible.
but let me assure you that i will complete all 30 blog day challenges, they just won't be in 30 days, obviously.
for those of you that believed in me. thank you so much.

and ps. i didn't finish harry potter. i actually totally stopped reading it all together. another fail up in here. w. (w.= whatevs)

well. i g2g-go-guys.
until next time, thanks for reading this super lame post.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

day eight.

short term goals for this month and why.

one. finish reading harry potter seven. reason: because i have started it three times and have yet to finish it.
two. get masons birthday planned and all his gifts purchased, wrapped and ready to go before his birthday. reason: because i would hate to put of something that epic as his birthday plans. and i was it to be awesome, thus; requiring a little more time than one or two days of planning.
three. get all of my christmas shopping done. and if not all of it, at least all of masons shopping done. reason: cause then i won't have to worry about getting him anything else and we can spend all of december watching christmas movies and not worrying about what gifts to buy.
four. not fall asleep at work. reason: because i really shouldn't do that in the first place.
five. don't go crazy with all the holiday treats. reason: i don't want to turn into a treat-o-holic. or a fatty.

i think that is a pretty good list. i mean, most of my goals are long term, so it was kind of hard to come up with the list for this month, and these are things that i am sure i can accomplish. i believe!

til day nine.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

day seven.

and then came the seventh day:
a picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you.

meet m.
my best friend.
my one and only.
my husband forever.

i first met m. in ninth grade. we had math together and although i have no memory of math really, i remember choosing this guy, my future husband, as the guy with the best smile in all of the ninth grade. and still think it's true. he has a smile that makes me melt and a laugh that is hilarious and contagious at the same time.
we have been through a lot together and since that day he first kissed me, january 24, 2004, we have been best friends ever since. he has seen me at my best, and seen me at my worst and never has he ever made me feel less than what i am. he has brought me up from feeling like nothing and has made me so happy that i feel like i could soar with the birds. of course, our lives haven't always easy and although neither of us are perfect, he is the one that i feel is as close as they come. he is perfect for me. in every way. he is the cheese to my macaroni.
i love him more than ever.

to m.
i'll be your branches.
if you'll be my roots.
and together we are a tree.
reaching ever upward.


day six.

the sixth day is entitled:
your favorite superhero and why.

well, to be honest i was never one for the cartoon superhero. i mean, i grew up in delta and the only tv i really remember watching was full house and the rest of the tgif lineup.
but if i were to be honest and tell you who my real hero is, i would have to say my dear mother.
she is a true saint of a woman. she is the most loving and kind person i have ever met. and even though she is kind of crazy at times, she makes me laugh, at her and with her. she has a heart of gold and loves everyone she meets almost instantly. she is strong, in both body and spirit. she would be willing to do anything for anyone at the drop of a hat. and she is a woman that i truly admire. she has been through a lot in her life and from a young age, she has cared for both family, friends, and strangers without a single complain. she may be small, but she has the biggest heart of anyone i know.
i love my mom and she is the image of who i want to be when i grow up.

to my dear mother.
you are my hero.


day five.

day five:
a picture of somewhere you've been to.

the epic land of china.

although china was amazing. and there are about a million photos i could post.
my most favorite place i've ever been:

i hope you can go there too.


day four.

i told you it would be sooner than later, didn't i.

day four:
a habit you wish you didn't have.

well there are a few habits i wish i didn't have but i will share one with you.

i wish i didn't doubt myself.
i mean there are a lot of things that i know i am perfectly capable of doing, but when it comes down to actually doing it, i doubt myself. i doubt my abilities because i am okay with just doing what i am doing. i am not very good at pushing myself into doing new things even though there are so many things that i want to do. i just lose that little bit of faith that i have in myself that will push me over the edge and make myself do it. there are a lot of things that i have on my to-do list but i just kind of doubt that i will finish the specific project or keep on reading the specific book, or succeed in what i am doing that i just don't do it. i know this is a super lame habit, but it is one that i have that i'm not very proud of and putting it on here is, i hate to admit it, kind of embarrassing and just might be what i need to push me over the edge and actually have faith in myself that i can do whatever it is that i am trying and/or wanting to do.
so thank you 30 day blog challenge for letting me put this habit out there.
and look out world, i'm coming.


day three.

yes, i know it has been some time since i posted day two, but like i said, i have no interweb at my current abode, so here we go.
day three is...

a picture of you with your friends.

here is one of me and my best friend.

and here is one of me and my best hannah.

and with my best jess. and han again.

and my best tifaroo.

and all these guys that i love a whole lot.

and these gals.

and these ones too.

and of course there are many other friends to be had on this lovely blog post, however; most of my photos are not on my computer so i apologize if i do not have a picture of you and me on here. it isn't because i don't love you.

day four will be sooner than later.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

day two.

i am feel ambitious today.
and i don't know when i'll be able to blog again,
so i may as well get a head start, right?

day two is:
the meaning behind the name of your blog.

well. to be completely honest, i didn't know what i was going to call my blog when i first started it. my first post was called "introduction" which is a song by the beatles. and from that post is where it all started.
words of love. it what the blog became.
and since that time, every title of my posts have been named after a beatles song. if you didn't notice.
the song, words of love. was chosen for the title because that is what i want my blog to be. i want it to be full of words of love, of life, of laughter, of happiness. i want to do just like the song says and hold you close and tell you how i feel. i want to be honest. i want to be real. i know i don't have a lot of readers, but i want those that do read to leave my blog with a smile on their face and maybe brighten their day a little bit. i want you readers to know that i'm just me, a regular gal that loves life and wants to make it beautiful.
so, for those of you that do read.
i thank you and think that you are wonderful.

bless you.

please please me.

well. it's taken a while for me to get here,
but happy 100th post everyone.

to celebrate my 100th post,
I am going to start the thirty day blog challenge.
but i am going to tell you right now, that i won't be able to post everyday,
because we don't have the internet at our house.
not because i don't have the drive to do the challenge.

ok. let us begin.
day one.
a picture of yourself and fifteen things about you.

this is me.

and these are things about me.
one. i love my husband more than anything.
two. my current favorite item of clothing is: cardigans.
three. i have the greatest family. including my inlaws. best ever.
four. i work at a law firm. no, i'm not a lawyer. maybe someday.
five. i want a sewing machine for christmas. spread the word.
six. my favorite tv show is the office. but i have a secret love for glee as well.
seven. i love the gospel.
eight. my husband and i dressed up as uncle jesse and prego aunt becky from full house for halloween. awesome.
nine. there is a very likely possibility i will have twins.
ten. i live within ten minutes from my parents and inlaws.
eleven. my husband is one of the smartest people i know.
twelve. i am slowing working up the courage to sing in front of people. like a crowd of people.
thirteen. just for my husband, i love the jazz! whoo, go jazz!
fourteen. august 11, 2010 was the best day of my life.
fifteen. i wish i had more talents. like the one this guy has.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

til there was you.

let me tell you a story.

a love story.
about a girl named lindsey.
and a guy named mason.
who recently became one.

this is them.
in celebration of their new marriage.

and here they are with all the ones they hold most dear.

here they are with the ones that brought them up.

and here, with the friends that mean the most (including the one taking the photos).

thanks to everyone who was there to celebrate with us on the best day imaginable.
i'll post open house pictures soon.
until then...

here they are again. husband and wife.

now and forever.

to m.
you are the sun.
and there was no world.
til there was you.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

i need you.

here are the pictures i promised you.

oh, how i love him.

photos by raeportraits.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

across the universe.

hello world.

contrary to popular belief.
i have been out of commission for a little bit but it is only because i have this thing called a husband that i have to feed and take care of and stuff. no he isn't a baby, but i do enjoy taking care of him and loving him all the days and such.

well, let me catch you up on what is going down in our town.
we still live in af. we just can't get away. at least not yet. it is convenient since i work here, and that is why we are still here at the moment. we live in the upstairs of an old, old house. it's small, yet cozy. and very original and hard to decorate but we've tried to make it our own the best we can. i don't have any pictures or i'd post them. sorry.

our wedding was AMAZING. we had the most relaxed day. our families were all there. our best friends were there. our best wedding photographer was there. we ate great food. and just had a great time. and now
we went to the NYC for our honeymoon and stayed busy the whole time. it was a little crazy, but we didn't have all the time in the world, which we would have liked, but it's all good and it was simply the best. we saw m.'s favorite band play, saw the typical sights, saw phantom on broadway. spent a lot of time shopping. walked a lot. and i mean a lot. ate delicious food. and a lot of red velvet cake. and watched a lot of cake boss at the hotel. awesome.

we came home to a new bed. thanks to my parents. thank you very much! and i legally changed my name. hello l.k.p.! yay! the saturday upon our return was our open house, which was super fun and again, there was great food. and so much of it. if you didn't come, we're sorry you missed out on all the good food. if you feel the need to get some for yourself, go to braza grill in murray. you won't be disappointed.

well. let me end this post with this.
married life is the best ever.
waking up with that big bag of hunka hunka burnin' love next to me is wonderful.
making him breakfast while he shaves is the best.
listening to him write songs and him asking me to sing with him and being so happy that i did, is the cutest thing ever.
arguing about stupid things that then laughing at how stupid they are is hilarious.
him picking me up from work is the greatest way to end a long day.
making dinner together makes the food taste so much better.
cuddling with him while we sleep even though it's about a million degrees makes my heart so happy.
knowing that he is mine. forever. is bliss.
there is nothing better than being married.

alright friends. i've got a husband to get to.

ps. i took ten minutes trying to put up pics.
it didn't work.
next time.
proms guys.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

penny lane.

i wish i lived on penny lane.
instead i live on center street in american fork.
and i no longer have internet access, which is the reason for why i have yet to post anything regarding the wedding.
but let me assure you that all is well and that 25 days from now,
i will be
lindsey porter.

until next time my friends. send me your address or something.
and i will send you an invitation to my wedding.

much love. from me to you.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


it's finally here. the day you've all been waiting for.

august 11.

m.pie and i will be one.
words cannot describe how excited i am.

as you may have guessed, the wedding plans are cruising along rather nicely.
of course, there are still about a million and a half things to do, but they'll get done. and everything will be simply lovely.

as for now, we've got to find m. a suit. and a ring.
until next time.

we're engaged. and you're great.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

all you need is love.

and a ring.
and a date.
and a dress.

and i have all of that.
cause i'm getting married!

yes, it's true. i'm officially engaged to the one, mason t. porter. i honestly about to burst i am so happy.
do you want to hear the story?
alright, here we go.
so it started on friday, may 15. we had a date planned. a secret date. and "the best date of my life" is as m. described it to me.
i went to his house (because is without a vehicle) and he grabbed the picnic basket and we were out the door.
we went to what we had thought to be adventureland park, behind lone peak high school, but as it turns out, it has a different name. regardless of the name of the park, that is where we went.
we set up our picnic blanket near the lake, and in the middle of a whole bunch of gnats. we couldn't get away from them, but they left us alone after a while.
the first course: chips and salsa. mango.
second: apples.
third: sandwiches. no mustard on mine. he remembered.
we talked for a while and it started to get cold, and m. had to blow his nose so he went to the car and got some tissues and in the meantime i got bit on the lip by a mystery bug. my lip got swollen and red and super attractive. yum.
m. kept talking about climbing a tree. something i hadn't really heard him talk about but only a few rare times. i gave him some ideas of trees around town, but none of them were good enough, so we decided to take a drive up the canyon.
we drove up to tibble fork and told stories of adventures in the canyon and had some good laughs and then headed back down.
we stopped at a picnic area and walked around for a bit and followed a trail that led us to another parking lot (lame). so we went on a adventure of our own and ventured across the bridge and hiked up the mountain. good thing we were both wearing our best hiking shoes (not!). it all worked out and when we were nearing halfway up the mountain we decided to stop. m. was on much higher ground than me standing next to a tree, when he pulled out a knife. suprise! i didn't even know he had one! he told me to come up, so in my trusty boots, i did and together we carved L + M into the tree. he carved the L, i carved the M (it took me a really long time).
after we finished with the carving, we went a few feet below where we were, onto level ground and talked for a bit. and m. was really worried that i was going to fall down the mountain so he was holding me real close. cute.
after a while of talking i gave him a kiss and thanked him for the best date ever, and he said "you're kissing me and i haven't even asked you yet!" my reply "haven't even asked you what yet?" (i'm way good at english. haha). he got the ring out and said "i haven't even asked you: will you marry me?" my eyes were welling with the most joyful tears and i said "of course i will". we just stood there for the longest time and i was in total disbelief.
i am still in disbelief that we're engaged! to be married! do you even believe it?! eeeek!
we've been best friends for six years. can you even believe that. it's perfect if you ask me. completely and utterly perfect.

we are way awesome and didn't take any pictures after the proposal, but here is one of my ring, just for you.

amazing, eh?

more pictures to come.
but in the mean time, let the wedding plans begin!

and thanks for reading.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

it's all too much.

i just wrote an entire blog post.
and was completely disgusted with myself.
all i did was whine about this and that and blah blah blah.
i'm a woman, alright. and yes, we all deserve to let it all out every once in a while.
but i will not do that here.
that is what my pillow is for.
and that is where all my blah blah's and whines will stay, eh? yay.

i will though, tell you all that i am in
with a certain
and let me tell you a secret.
i think it's probably going to last a while.
but shhh.
he doesn't even know it yet.

alright my secret keepers.
until next time.
lets all just keep this on the dl.
and lets be friends again.
i'm sorry i've been a away.
i blame in on my 8-5 job.
being a grown up totally blows.


love you to.

dear blog world.
sorry i totally suck at writing to you right now.

life is freakin nuts! in a good way.

because i'm missing him right now,
here is a song for my m.pie.
because it's true what it says, you know.

home is wherever i'm with you.



Thursday, March 25, 2010

with a little help from my friends.

well hello there.
it has been some time since i have written, but don't be thinking it's because i am too cool for you. it's simply because there are about a million and a half things going on right now.

since i can't really catch you up on everything that has been going on, let me just tell you about spring break and what went down during that long awaited week of fun.

there were smoothies. with this guy.

a score of 13, 000, 000 at lord of the rings pin ball.

naps in the sunshine. on the trampoline.

brilliant displays of music. from two amazing musicians.

road trip! to the st.g.

party at the spinny park in the crazy wind.

a lot of snoozing in the car. hi tif.

good times in sin city.

the nissan armada and it's crew.

and of course, march madness.

spring is here everybody. it was about 60 degrees today. can you believe it? lets all just go sit outside for a while, alright?
also, life is absolutely amazingly wonderful. and let me just say, that it's probably going to stay that way for a while. and i'm totally ok with that. yay.


Monday, March 1, 2010

dizzy miss lizzy.

oh my.
there has been much that has happened between my last post and now.
first off.
i have been hanging out with these guys.
they're bff's, if you can't tell. and they have really cool tattoo's.

secondly, i went down to etown. to watch this guy play some music.

with these guys.

it was a great show. truly.

i got home from etown and about five hours later, went to the hospital.
and put on this outfit. and this wristband.

and has this (gall bladder) taken out of my body.

everything went well. and when i woke up i had these, and these, and these.

i was so surprised.

let me just say that the recovery is going well. i am crazy tired, and it is way hard to breathe but it will be excellent to be able to eat any and all the foods i want.

in other news. i'm seeing this,

on friday. i can't wait.