Thursday, November 11, 2010

day three.

yes, i know it has been some time since i posted day two, but like i said, i have no interweb at my current abode, so here we go.
day three is...

a picture of you with your friends.

here is one of me and my best friend.

and here is one of me and my best hannah.

and with my best jess. and han again.

and my best tifaroo.

and all these guys that i love a whole lot.

and these gals.

and these ones too.

and of course there are many other friends to be had on this lovely blog post, however; most of my photos are not on my computer so i apologize if i do not have a picture of you and me on here. it isn't because i don't love you.

day four will be sooner than later.


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