Thursday, December 1, 2011

days 23 to 30.

 day twenty-three.   baking. 
 my thanksgiving pie. 
i am so grateful for my kitchen and that i can bake in it. our old apartment wasn't really baking/cooking friendly. i feared i would burn the house down every time i turned the phone on, so now that i have a glorious kitchen i am totally taking advantage of baking and cooking. i am so grateful that i am able to make delicious meals for my husband and that i am able to keep him happy. cause as you all know, the stomach is the way to a mans heart. 

day twenty-four.    sleep.
m. taking a pre-thanksgiving dinner snooze. 
i am so grateful for sleep. honestly, it is one of my favorite things in the world. i am almost excited to go to bed every night. i live for the weekends when i am able to wake up without an alarm. grated, i still wake up around 8am, but to not hear my alarm in the morning is my favorite thing. i am also grateful that i am able to take lunchtime naps at work. they make my day. haha. that sounds pathetic, but when i am able to shut my eyes are 10-20 minutes at lunchtime, my day is a hundred times better. it boggles my mind why kids don't want to go to bed. i practically jump into bed every night. 
kids are freakin nuts! (obviously i'm not ready to be a mom)

day twenty-five.   my job. 
this is my work desk. 
sometimes i don't have the best attitude about work. this makes me feel bad cause i know some of my coworkers read my blog and probably think that i am crazy. but i am really grateful for my job. i am grateful that i have a stable job, that i work with great people and that i am good at what i do. somedays are long, which are the worst. but some days fly by, and i am beyond grateful. but mostly i am grateful that i have place to go and work and do something that makes a difference. i am also grateful for m.'s job. he loves it. we have been blessed with great jobs. 

day twenty-six.   birthdays. 
m. blowing out his birthday candles. 
i am so grateful for birthdays. i am grateful that each year, we are able to celebrate the life of someone and make that person feel so special all day. i love birthdays. they are just such happy days! i love making people happy and feel good on their birthday cause they deserve it. everyone deserves to be happy about their life and have someone tell them that they are awesome for just being them. way to go everyone! we all have birthdays! so that means that you are awesome! good job!

day twenty-seven.  family. 
this little doll is the newest member of my family. 
i am absolutely in love with this little girl. i am by no means baby hungry, but holding babies is one of my favorite things in the world. i love my family. i love my nieces and nephews. my sisters and brothers. and of course my parents. i love that most of us live so close to each other and that we are able to spend time together. i love m.'s family too. i have been hanging around their house for so long and i am grateful that they never got sick of me. they are the best in-laws a girl could ask for. and the best cooks too! way to be awesome, fam. 

day twenty-eight.   salads. 
chicken cesar salad. 
i was not always the biggest fan of salad, but lately, they are one of my most favorite things. they are so tasty and you can put pretty much anything on them and they are good. i love that i feel more healthy when i am eating them and i am glad that m. is on a diet right now, so he doesn't even mind when we have salad for dinner every night. i am especially grateful for cafe rio and their amazing pork salad that i get every time i go there. that bad boy is the king of salads. FREE MEAL! 

day twenty-nine.  music.
m. playing practicing before his show. 
i am so grateful for music and for the role that it plays in my life. i will be honest, the reason i love music is because of m.. he LOVES music. good music. beautiful music. he appreciates talented artists and i am grateful that he is always willing to support local artists since he has had so much support himself. i am grateful for all the people that support him and his music. i am so grateful that m. can write beautiful music for people to enjoy. i am so proud of all that hard work he puts into his music. and i am so grateful that he shares music with me. my itunes library thanks him also. 

     day thirty.   you.

today is my last grateful day and i don't have a picture, but i just want you all to know that i am thankful for you. i am grateful that you all keep coming back and reading my silly blog. i am grateful for those of you that laugh at my silly comments and that you don't {hopefully} think that i am crazy. i am grateful to be alive. and i hope that you all are too. i hope you all know that you are special to someone, even if you don't feel like you are. bless you all. and thank you. for being so great.