Tuesday, October 26, 2010

day two.

i am feel ambitious today.
and i don't know when i'll be able to blog again,
so i may as well get a head start, right?

day two is:
the meaning behind the name of your blog.

well. to be completely honest, i didn't know what i was going to call my blog when i first started it. my first post was called "introduction" which is a song by the beatles. and from that post is where it all started.
words of love. it what the blog became.
and since that time, every title of my posts have been named after a beatles song. if you didn't notice.
the song, words of love. was chosen for the title because that is what i want my blog to be. i want it to be full of words of love, of life, of laughter, of happiness. i want to do just like the song says and hold you close and tell you how i feel. i want to be honest. i want to be real. i know i don't have a lot of readers, but i want those that do read to leave my blog with a smile on their face and maybe brighten their day a little bit. i want you readers to know that i'm just me, a regular gal that loves life and wants to make it beautiful.
so, for those of you that do read.
i thank you and think that you are wonderful.

bless you.

please please me.

well. it's taken a while for me to get here,
but happy 100th post everyone.

to celebrate my 100th post,
I am going to start the thirty day blog challenge.
but i am going to tell you right now, that i won't be able to post everyday,
because we don't have the internet at our house.
not because i don't have the drive to do the challenge.

ok. let us begin.
day one.
a picture of yourself and fifteen things about you.

this is me.

and these are things about me.
one. i love my husband more than anything.
two. my current favorite item of clothing is: cardigans.
three. i have the greatest family. including my inlaws. best ever.
four. i work at a law firm. no, i'm not a lawyer. maybe someday.
five. i want a sewing machine for christmas. spread the word.
six. my favorite tv show is the office. but i have a secret love for glee as well.
seven. i love the gospel.
eight. my husband and i dressed up as uncle jesse and prego aunt becky from full house for halloween. awesome.
nine. there is a very likely possibility i will have twins.
ten. i live within ten minutes from my parents and inlaws.
eleven. my husband is one of the smartest people i know.
twelve. i am slowing working up the courage to sing in front of people. like a crowd of people.
thirteen. just for my husband, i love the jazz! whoo, go jazz!
fourteen. august 11, 2010 was the best day of my life.
fifteen. i wish i had more talents. like the one this guy has.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

til there was you.

let me tell you a story.

a love story.
about a girl named lindsey.
and a guy named mason.
who recently became one.

this is them.
in celebration of their new marriage.

and here they are with all the ones they hold most dear.

here they are with the ones that brought them up.

and here, with the friends that mean the most (including the one taking the photos).

thanks to everyone who was there to celebrate with us on the best day imaginable.
i'll post open house pictures soon.
until then...

here they are again. husband and wife.

now and forever.

to m.
you are the sun.
and there was no world.
til there was you.