Tuesday, October 25, 2011

october is ending too quickly.

six days til halloween. four days til my family party and i have no idea what i am going to be. m. and i had/have an idea, but i don't really have the motivation to make the costume. so. do you have any easy ideas? ha. 

before we get to halloween let me tell you about the past week. 

the  biggest news of the week is.....
the construction in front of our house if finally done (at least for now)! we don't have to wait ten minutes to get our of our driveway anymore. the huge lights are gone, which means the generators that run the lights are now turned off an not buzzing all night and the loud clanking of cars going over those huge metal hole covering things at all hours of the night is over! i could not be happier. thanks for being so happy for us. we are happy for us too. ha. 

so. last tuesday after my post, m. and i decided to have a little dessert night and went to our favorite frozen dessert spot. coney's frozen custard. i have never realized how much i love custard. i have always been a huge fan of ice cream, so naturally, i knew custard would be right up my alley. i think it might win over maggie moo's or cold stone or any of those places. if you haven't checked out coney's yet, you totally should. we always get this: 

it's called a concrete. we get chocolate custard and mix in reece's peanut butter cups. the chocolate on the pb cups gets crunchy, but the peanut butter stays smooth and creamy. i want one right now. too bad m. took the car to band practice. 

m. and i don't text a lot during the day. usually because he is in class or working and i am always working. so at some point during the day when one of us has a minute we will text a little love to each other. last wednesday m. texted me just after i came back from lunch. here's how it went: 

it totally made me laugh. i am the worst at texting so auto correct always catches my mistakes, but m. never makes mistakes, so this made me laugh really hard. he was being so sweet, but his frustration came through and it was just hilarious.  i love that bag of bones. 

the middle of the week...the middle of the week...oh! m.s cousin got married! it was a wonderful ceremony in the provo temple. it was really neat. let me give you some background. m.s cousin served his mission in mongolia and met his now wife, then fellow missionary when they were both in the mtc.  she was at the mtc (via mongolia) on her way to serve in indiana. so they met, didn't keep in touch on their missions, got back in touch afterwards and from opposite ends of the earth he helped her with her english via email, after a while they started talking less about english, more about each other and eventually fell in love. he went back to mongolia, asked for her hand, she (and her family) said yes, they waited for forever to get her visa, she finally got it, came to the US on her birthday, they got married one month later. it was a very special day for them and we were so happy to be there for them.  

on friday night, m. and i decided to have a night in. we made dinner together, which i foolishly didn't take a picture of. we made breaded curry chicken with rice pilaf and steamed carrots. it was absolutely delicious and our house smelled like curry the entire weekend.  
we were going to go out for dessert, but then i remember that i had bought some pumpkin and wanted to make some kind of pumpkin dessert, so we made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  

they were delicious. i made them bite sized, which made way more than we could eat so we gave some to our neighbors and both of our parents. after we gave out all the cookies, we watched district 9. it was on tv and m. recorded it for us to watch. it was good. have you seen it? if you have, keep reading. if you haven't you can skip this next part. okay, so ya know how the main guys fingernails fall off, cause ya know...? well, that made my fingernails hurt SO bad during the entire movie. i know that is kinda weird and you probably don't know what i mean, but it was not great. the movie was, my achy fingernails were not. 

we didn't have any plans during the day on saturday, so m. went to the skatepark with one of our good friends from high school. i went and hung out for the last little bit and watched them skate. neither of them had skated in a while, but it was a really nice day and they had fun. here is proof that they haven't completely lost their skating ability. 

the one on the right is m. (sorry he is so small and in the shadow). the one of the left is our friend shad. 

on saturday night we went up to slc and met up with some of our friends. we went to the popular waffle joint called bruge. we got the famous german chocolate stuffed waffle with some vanilla bean ice cream on the side. 

it was delicious (and a little expensive), but overall it was a good time. 
 our dear friend hofe is always a crowd pleaser. he isn't married or dating anyone so he was came on a blind date, and pulled out this little number to show his date. obviously he isn't shy. 

that is his hoodie. the zipper went all the way around the hood, so the boys decided they would help him zip it all the way up. so yeah, they succeeded and of course, hofe had to see so they helped him out and put his glasses on his face for him. boys are so silly. 
we went and saw captain america after all this went down. i can't say if i liked it or not cause i slept for about 75% of it. i have seen too many superhero movies in too little time. i'm not all that into them. i give it a "meh" and that it. 

and lastly, here is the wreath i made for m's cousin. the one that got married last week. i like how it turned out. i wish i had made a few more flowers to put on it, but i ran out of time. 

when i put the finishing touches on it, i had a hard time giving it away. i guess that means that i will just have to make another one! yay for crafts! 

okay, so back to halloween, give some ideas stat! it's okay if you don't, i won't be mad. 

well guys. i think you are great. thanks for reading my silly words and coming back every week. 
i will most likely have more exciting pictures next week since all the halloween festivities will be going down. stay tuned. 


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

this is turning into a tuesday thing.

helllloooooo. (think seinfeld)
how are things on your side of the screen? good, i hope.
all is well in these parts and i have much to say so i will get right to it.

first off!
the best news of last week!
m. got into the PR program at byu! finally our lives can be in motion and working toward something!
he was relieved and so was i. i wanted him to wait for me to open it with him, but he couldn't so he called me and said "yay, i got in". and then we hung up and went on with our day. we should work on our celebratory skills.

i have been really bad at wearing my wedding ring. since i don't wear my ring to bed, i put in on before i leave the room in the morning but lately i have been worried about taking my birth control pill (cause forgetting that is worse than forgetting my ring) in the morning so when i leave our bedroom and don't go back in, i don't wear my ring. the other day i didn't wear it to work and i felt weird so i made one out of a strip of paper.
i had to make a couple cause it came off when i washed my hand, but it did the job and it was so colorful. but not as sparkly. ps. i have worn my ring everyday since this incident. 

we had almost no plans this past weekend and it was a good thing too cause we were both feeling under the weather. m. more so than myself. he was sick all friday night so i made him some soup and he felt a little bit better, but the secret remedy to healing my husband does not come in syrups and pills. it comes in pizza. i bought him a frozen pizza, baked it, and taaadaaa, he was healed. it was a miracle.

since the pizza healed m. on friday night, we actually left the house on saturday. we watched the byu game, against my will. and i am not ashamed to say that i slept for most of it. we wanted to do something on saturday night since we stayed home the night before. so, for the first time, we used our beloved poaps! we went to trafalga in lehi, and stood in line for about twenty minutes to ride the go-carts.
and then what did we do? we left. ha. we had our fun and didn't want to ruin it with anything else so we hit the road. we met up with h.&b. for dinner and then they joined us in watching THOR at our house. it was an okay flick. i was surprised i didn't fall asleep. cause i always fall asleep.

monday night, m. was gone to band practice and i had been wanting to make some fall decorations, so i called up my mom and off we went. i got my supplies and the decor was in the works. i glued, glittered, and glittered some more and ended up with...
the most glorious and sparkling pumpkins this house has ever seen! i want to make more just because i love everything glitter, but i will resist. i must tell you though, i already have pinecones set aside to glitter (yes, to glitter something is a verb) for christmas! yee! 

the pumpkins had to dry some before i could touch up the glitter, so my mom and i made the most delicious banana bread. you see, i don't like bananas, but i am a sucker for good banana bread and the bread we made last night was king of the banana breads. i mean, just look at house high it rose. and that golden brown, shiny crust on top, yeah, that is pure sugary goodness.
oh man, my mouth is watering, how about yours? 

work has been super busy the past couple of days, yesterday more than today and by the time i get off, i am nearly exhausted. for some reason this afternoon on the way home, i was awoken and suddenly feeling very patriotic. maybe it had something to do with this. 
doesn't that make you want to just rise up out of your drivers seat and sing the national anthem for all to hear? yeah me neither, but check that out. this guy does not mess around. ps. sorry if this is your car. 

life is going real good around these parts. m. is at the gym right now. i was planning on going with him, but i remembered at the last minute that i had my visiting teaching to do. so i am just here, my stomach grumbling, watching an episode of 30 rock for the 25th time and not even being sick of it, listening to the dryer nearly finished with my laundry that i am completely dreading folding and secretly thinking i might even just leave in there for a few days, and totally wishing that i had a picture of the cutest wreath i made for m.'s cousin this week. i'll show you soon. m. has the pic on his phone. stay tuned. 

well bloggies. i hope life is going great for all of you. if not, watch this video. it might make you smile.
our neighbors asked us to feed their dogs while they were out of town. m. found them playing in this unusual place when he brought their food out. and their ways of getting down are quite inventive as well. silly dogs. i hope this vid made you laugh. it gets me every single time. 

alright. this post will suffice until next week. stay tuned until then. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

i can count to ten.

sunday is here. and almost over. and this is going to be quick.

1. i totally sucked at going to the gym this week. we had a lot going on and i was not motivated at all. this next week will be way better.
2. i am a little stressed right now because we are waiting to hear if m. got into the PR program at byu. we find out tomorrow so the stressed will be gone soon enough.
3. we had our ward primary program today. it was great. the kids are great. but the two hour practice on saturday morning was a struggle.
4. speaking of saturday. it was the most lazy day i have had in a while. and guess what, it was great. i went grocery shopping, then we moved our mattress into the living room and watched community and took a nap. awesome.
5. saturday night we hung out and had dinner with m.'s cousins. he has 5 cousins born in the same year, but we only hung out with two of those cousins. one cousin is married, the other engaged and to be married later this month. it was a great time.
6. we stopped by our friends house after the cousin dinner. we watched the byu game which, i was not too thrilled about cause like i said a few posts ago, i am done with football. but it was fun to hang out and see our friends new apartment. it is adorable.
7. we saw the movie 50/50 on friday night (btw, i am just realizing this is not in chronological order at all, but i am too tired to change it. sorry). anyway. 50/50 was really good. a lot of swears in the first half, but the second half was way good and brought a tear to my eye. i give it a thumb and a half up!
8. m.'s mom gave us a ton of pasta tonight. i don't know when we will ever eat it all, but i am way happy to not have to buy any for a long time! and we like pasta in this house, so if you want to invite yourself over for a pasta dinner, feel free.
9. there is major construction going on on our street, right outside our house actually. it is great! psych. it is so loud and annoying and getting out of our driveway is a little bit of a challenge and a little dangerous. but we are still here, so unless you hear otherwise, we survived the construction.
10. just to end this on a nice round number, let me just tell you that i love my dear m. and the life we have together. he is the whole world.

alright. i gotta go to bed guys. i didn't even sunday nap today so i am feeling quite fatigued.
i'll have something cooler to post during the week. stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

it's two days past sunday.

i meant to write on sunday like i usually do, but i was feeling a little under the weather and yesterday m. had an insane amount of homework which left me with no computer to use. someday we will have two computers.
so alas, i am here now! aren't you glad?
alright. lets get down to business.

this past week has been pretty darn good.
  •  on tuesday i went to the mother-daughter relief society with my mom. it was fun. there was food. fun. and these delicious cupcakes. yum. i can't pass up a good cupcake. or a bad one. yub! 
  • the middle of the week always kinda blends together, but thursday came and i was so happy cause i got to hang out with some of my best girl friends from high school. we haven't gotten together in WAY too long so it was awesome to hang out and catch up. 
  • here we are at los hermanos. (this is right before amanda left her entire order of nachos on the bench and they got thrown away. sorry manda.) 
  • friday was a very long day at work. i was looking forward to the weekend a little too much and time went SO slow. m. and i don't text a lot while we are at work, but we were having a little too much fun on friday. check out how clever we are!

  • OH! i forgot to tell you! we got a new couch! i said a couple posts ago that we sold our old one, and we got our new one on monday. it is awesome. super comfortable and fluffy. 
  • since we don't have our ottoman anymore, we decided we had to get rid of our old rug and get a new one. so off to ikea we went! we found a super shaggy rug. m. is in love with it. it looks real nice. now we just need to get a coffee table! we did a little rearranging and our living room. come over and see it!
  • after ikea we stopped by m. mission reunion and chatted with some of his mission friends. that is always really fun for me. not really, but i do it cause i love m.
  • OCTOBER! saturday morning we got up to watch conference and got a call from m.'s parents inviting us over for breakfast (which was more like brunch). since we hadn't eaten yet, of course we were in. we cruised on over and had some delicious food. m.'s dad is a king in the kitchen and always has something delicious up his sleeve. here is brunch. 
hand rolled corn tortilla. homemade beans. fried egg in salsa. pico. avocado. sour cream. cilantro. 
  • m. and i went up to slc on saturday afternoon and i bought some boots from rachael of ande monster vintage. she went to snow college with m. and we hadn't seen her in a long time so we hung out and talked for a bit. she is so sweet. seriously one of the nicest people ever. and i am in love with the boots i got. i'll post pics soon. yay boots! thanks rachael. 
  • i hung out with my best hannah on saturday night. we hadn't hung out in a while so it was great to hang out, just the two of us. no husbands allowed. okay, they were at priesthood, but they still wouldn't have been allowed. she is so great and i miss hanging out with her. both of our lives are pretty busy, so we don't don't get to see each other as much as we would like so it is always good to just spend a couple hours together. love you han-bone!
  • sunday morning hannah and her husband b. came over for breakfast and to watch conference. it was great. we made some delicious breakfast burritos and blueberry muffin and enjoyed conference together. life doesn't get much better than that. 
  • have i told you that i have recently been selected as the head of the PPC (party planning committee) for my department at work? (just call me angela martin and give me some cats!--no don't really) i haven't ever been a super big Halloween lover, but it is fun to plan stuff for my department at work. look out work buddies! it's gonna be a good month!
  • in other news, we are totally using our gym passes. we have gone every mwf after work for the past couple of weeks. m. is losing weight like crazy (boys are so lame) and i am feeling good and getting fit. go us! 

isn't life just the best? sometimes i get so caught up in wanting it to be some other day, wayyy in the future. i really need to work on enjoying everyday for what it is. cause really, everyday is great. big thanks to everyone that reads this silly blog. you make me feel special and i am grateful for you. 
i love m. i love my family. i love my friends. i love the gospel. i love life. and i hope you do too. 

well, that was my week. not crazy exciting, but good enough for me. 
until next time.