Sunday, August 30, 2009


hey everybody! guess what!
i'm 21!

this year for my BIG 21, hannah and tif planned the ultimate day!
it started with:

gandolfo's for breakfast.

with love from the j.rad voglesberg.

followed by:
making of homemade icecream cake.

chocolate ice cream with mint oreo's. delicious.

followed by:
a picnic in the park.

with two of my most favorite people.

followed by:
snow shack snacks.

and a pinata!

followed by:

birthdaygrl. if. and han. we dominate the bowling scene.

followed by:
dinner at applebee's.

and birthday dessert!

followed by:
a walk through the cemetery.

to find someone with my same birthday. we found someone!

followed by:
my awesome barbie birthday cake.

made by my crazy talented sister.

followed by:
a surprise birthday party!

planned by my two greatest gems.

thank you for the best 21st birthday in the whole world!
i love you all. to infinity and beyond.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

all together now.

well. it seems as if i have been doing a terrible job at keeping everyone (who is interested) up to date with everything that has been going on. that being the case. let me share with all of you a little taste of what august has brought my way.

best day of august! so far.

hannah and i got ice cream from the ice cream man!

i went wakeboarding for the first time! and totally stood up!

we stayed up late, and froze our booties off, but saw the craziest meteor shower!

tara got married! and i caught a small part of the bouquet.

incase you didn't know. i dominate at the pogo.

and also. this is my new niece, makenna. she's two months old and crazy, crazy cute.

august is half way over now. and the second half of the month should be a total party. literally. my birthday is in six days! school starts in eleven. and i even kind of have a job! party over here!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


everyone should see this film. it is beautiful.