Sunday, August 30, 2009


hey everybody! guess what!
i'm 21!

this year for my BIG 21, hannah and tif planned the ultimate day!
it started with:

gandolfo's for breakfast.

with love from the j.rad voglesberg.

followed by:
making of homemade icecream cake.

chocolate ice cream with mint oreo's. delicious.

followed by:
a picnic in the park.

with two of my most favorite people.

followed by:
snow shack snacks.

and a pinata!

followed by:

birthdaygrl. if. and han. we dominate the bowling scene.

followed by:
dinner at applebee's.

and birthday dessert!

followed by:
a walk through the cemetery.

to find someone with my same birthday. we found someone!

followed by:
my awesome barbie birthday cake.

made by my crazy talented sister.

followed by:
a surprise birthday party!

planned by my two greatest gems.

thank you for the best 21st birthday in the whole world!
i love you all. to infinity and beyond.


Chelsey said...

I can tell you LOVED your cake since it was so beautifully displayed on our blog! :( I'm kidding! I'm so glad you had a great birthday!It was a fun party!

tifsong said...

oh linds! I LOVED that weekend SO much. it was so wonderful! you are wonderful! :)