Thursday, July 31, 2008


today i said goodbye.
to something that i hated.
but at the same time was so comfortable with.
today i said so long.
to so many people that i have gotten to know so well.
but at the same time have no real idea of who they really are.
today i said adios.
to a job that was taking me no where.
but at the same time giving me more than i worked for.
today i said see you later.
to people that i won't see later.
but at the same time hope to run into someday.
today i said bon voyage.
there was no celebration.
no send off.
just a regular day.
and a goodbye.

Monday, July 21, 2008

sea of time.

he is the sun.
she is the moon.
together they are the sky.
he is the leaves.
she is the stem.
together they are the plant.
he is the paper.
she is the words.
together they are the book.
he is the feathers.
she is the wing.
together they are the bird.
he is the camera.
she is the film.
they are the photograph.
he is the waves.
she is the tide.
together they are the sea.
he is the branches.
she is the roots.
together they are the tree.

waves to keep us rocking. tide to bring us back from sea.
roots to keep us grounded. branches to set us free.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

twist and shout.

kaelynn and i, as well as some others, went to disneyland yesterday. it was awesome. i don't think anyone is ever too young or old to enjoy a little taste of the happiest place on earth.

i must say i thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Monday, July 7, 2008

she's leaving home.

first she saw.
and then she heard.
the crash of the waves.
the calls of the birds.
first she saw.
and then she felt.
the heat of the sand.
the waves that melt.
first she saw.
and then she touched.
the waves that were cool.
the sand was too much.
first she saw.
and then she began.
to sink deeper and deeper.
into the sand.