Wednesday, August 27, 2008


on the twenty second i turned twenty years old. i am twenty years old. really? me, 20? that is so weird to say. i never thought i would be saying that i am twenty. yes, to some that is hardly old at all. and to be honest i don't think it is that old either, but going from nineteen to twenty seems like a much bigger step than all the other previous teen birthdays. it's like when parents start saying that there kid is two instead of 24 months. it is the same age, it just sounds so much older.
i am the only girl in my family that has not been married by the time i am nineteen. and to be honest, it feels good. it feels good to know that i am different, not that i am seeking to be different. but i am good at being different. to going against the crowd. i don't feel in a rush to get things done. i am just going to take things slow. live each moment as it comes and try not to get lost in the hustle and bustle of things.
i have lived for twenty years. twenty years of memories. of laughs. of love. of learning from my mistakes. twenty years of not knowing what i really want and then finding out what it is at the exact time that i need to. twenty years of doing the right thing and the wrong thing, just to be doing something. twenty years of waking up every morning and not knowing what the day is going to bring. twenty years of having the love of my family and friends surround me.
i am twenty. and i am so lucky.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


this is me. take it or leave it.
1. i like my name. yes. there are ten million "lindsey's" out there, but more than half of them are spelled wrong.
2. my family is the most important thing in my life. even though i may not show it all the time.
3. i am allergic to a lot of things. i.e. watermelon, peas, bananas, carrots...etc...etc.
4. is an angry number. ask hannah.
5. i have way too many clothes that i don't wear. i always think i should donate them. but i would end up buying them again just to not wear them again.
6. my collection of vintage dresses is really impressive. i'll show you. just ask.
7. waking up early is my nemesis. no one should be awake at 5:00am.
8. i wear a locket around my neck. everyday. all day. from the moment i wake up, til the moment i go to sleep. enclosed is the person closest to my heart.
9. somedays i wish it was 2010. like today.
10. i love to read, however; i don't have a lot of time to do so, seeing as how i have to wake up at 5:00am as previously stated.
11. i hate that keeping in touch with friends from high school means that dinner and lunch dates have to be set. what ever happened to showing up with out an appointment?
12. saving money is the hardest thing in the world for me. unless i never see it.
13. my 28 year old sister and i look like twins. if you don't know us. but if you know us and still think we look like twins you are completely ridiculous.
14. i am currently without a radio in my car. but that doesn't stop me from singing. loudly.
15. i think rain is the most beautiful and refreshing form of moisture mother nature blesses us with.
16. someday i am going to write a book. there may only be one copy. but there will be a book. a hardcover.
17. i plan on learning how to play an instrument. i just don't know when.
18. recently i realized that i am now old enough to say "that was 10 (or however many) years ago," and remember every minute detail about what happened.
19. i am terrible at making plans.
20. remembering things is not my strongest trait.
21. i make a wish at 11:11. everytime.
22. my favorite number.
23. shoes are my favorite item of clothing
24. one of my favorite things to do is people watch. especially at theme parks. so much trash. so much trash.
25. for some reason my toe nails are always painted pink. it never occurs to me to paint them a different color.
26. i don't have a favorite color. i would choose certain colors over others, but as for a favorite, i pass.
27. i have been blessed with having one of the greatest friends in the world. her name is hannah walker. if you don't know her, you should.
28. i have a passion for photography. i love the idea of capturing something that you can live over and over again. that the single moment that picture was taken is the only evidence of it.
29. sometimes i think my life is like "the truman show" that everything is being filmed and everything is fake. then i get freaked out and watch my back.
30. i only have one true enemy. her name is emeigh (pronounced amy) and i worked with her. saying her name makes my blood boil.
31. sometimes i wish i didn't know how to drive. just so i could get that rush when you push the gas for the first time.
32. i love cereal. somedays i eat it all three meals. cocoa pebbles might be my favorite.
33. fireworks are my favorite part of summer. i love the smell. the sound. the view. everything.
34. beginning january 2009 i am going to live in china. however; i am not made in china.
35. i have aunts, uncles and cousins that i have never met before.
36. i hate animals. sure i will look at them, but touch them or own one...completely out of the question.
37. alarm clocks are the best and worst invention. great that they wake you up on time. but why that sound? why?
38. i would choose being hot over being cold.
39. when i watch a movie in the movie theatre my feet have to be up. even if it isn't a scary movie. they cannot be on the floor.
40. being scared is my worst. especially when someone scares me. when i scare myself it is different. getting scared by someone is the worst. ever.
41. watching people get scared is one of my favorite things. as long as it isn't me. see above.
42. i have a mallet finger. compliments of my dear friend ms. hannah walker.
43. you will never guess where i am most ticklish.
44. i take the longest showers in the world. deal with it.
45. i'm not even mad.
46. i hate when you make something up with your friends, then some people over hear it and say it to someone else when you are there and say that they made it up. come on people. be origional.
47. i am almost 20 and not married or pregnant. unlike the majority of the people i went to school with.
48. if given the choice, i would choose glasses over contacts everytime.
49. LOST is the best show on tv. don't even try to tell me differently.
50. i hate the smell of new shoes. and old ones.
51. my heart is currently in ottawa, canada.
52. i love birthdays. yours, mine, ours. whenever it is, live it up. it is your day.
53. i do what i want. it may not be what you want. but it is what i want and i'll do it.
53. i can't wait. but i have to. but i don't want to. but i have to. so i will.
54. when i wake up scared in the night i sing "the jetsons" theme song over and over til i fall back asleep. meet george jetson....
55. unfortunately i am one of those people the suffers from migrain headaches. don't ask me how it is. if you don't know, you don't want to.
56. i am terrible at putting away my clothes after i wash them. i always wait at least a couple of days before even thinking about putting them away.
57. i don't feel bad for homeless people. sorry. i just can't. -no. i will not give them my money. why don't they go out and get a job? if they can afford those cigarettes they can afford some food.
58. i still have all my barbies from when i was a little girl. they are in terrible condition. but i have them.
59. i love rings. they are my favorite piece of jewelry. except for my locket.
60. sewing is one of my most favorite things. sewing without a pattern and making this up as they go is even better.
61. i love music.
62. if i could i would be a tree photographer. i love trees. they way they are shaped. how they are so huge. and that each one is different. how you can climb one and see for miles. or climb another an only be a few feet from the ground. i think they are beautiful.
63. tiffani herpel is my buckaroo. and soon to be sister buckaroo.
64. according to krista smith i am a princess. i believe her.
65. i am not a envious person, but there are so many things i wish i could do as well as others.
66. writing letters is one of my most favorite things to do. and getting letters is even better.
67. christmas time is my favorite time of the year. mostly because i love christmas music.
68. i love around christmas time when there are little kids around and all the older kids pretend like they still believe in santa claus so that they don't spoil it for the little kids. they are just so careful about what they say.
69. i am an aunt 9 times. such a blessing.
70. i have a great deal of love for the porter family.
71. i will dominate you at scrabble. if you don't believe me, get a board. we'll make bet on it.
72. sometimes i wish i lived by the beach. not for the water. just for the sand. i love the way it feels between my toes.
73. i have an immense fear of clowns. don't laugh. it isn't funny.
74. sometimes i make my own shirts. they are pretty cool. i could make you one. if you really wanted me to.
75. i am the branches. he is the roots. together we are the tree.
76. live music is inspiring.
77. i have no idea what i want to be when i grow up. i don't feel the pressure to make a decision. not yet. not now.
78. my hair is curly-ish. if you are jealous of me. get over it. you would get sick of it too.
79. i don't have any regrets. only because every decision has led up to this very moment. and this moment, is wonderful.
80. camping is only considered camping if you are in a tent. on the ground. with only a few inches of foam between you and dirt.
81. deseret industries in my favorite store.
82. i drink an entire waterbottle every night. during the night. i am not at all conscious of this happening, but it happens. everytime.
83. i always brush my teeth in the shower. and get tooth paste all over the place.
84. i love school supplies.
85. there are times when i question things in my life. but then i realize that everything happens for a reason and life is unexpected.
86. i watched "chitty-chitty bang bang" for the first time three weeks ago. it was an ok show. but i hated truly scrumptious' voice.
87. i hate when people talk during movies. especially when it is a movie that you really like and they are laughing and making fun of everything. ahh! shut it!
88. i love the sound of babies laughing. and the smell of their little round heads.
89. i keep too many things that i know i am going to throw away later, but at the time, i think that i am going to keep them forever and ever. but really, i won't.
90. i haven't been up this late in a long time.
91. i wish i knew how to rollerskate.
92. i am too tired.
93. if the world was being attacked by zombies i would live in costco. they have everything you could ever need.
94. write, write, read, pray. i do it every day.
95. i wish i was one of those people that just said whatever i wanted whenever i wanted.
96. i am told i have a hat head. i don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
97. i belong to the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.
98. if i could i would be outside all the time. but i'm sure after being outside all the time i would change my mind and want to come back inside.
99. black and white photos are my favorite. i love the contrast of colors.
100. i need to go to bed.