Wednesday, August 27, 2008


on the twenty second i turned twenty years old. i am twenty years old. really? me, 20? that is so weird to say. i never thought i would be saying that i am twenty. yes, to some that is hardly old at all. and to be honest i don't think it is that old either, but going from nineteen to twenty seems like a much bigger step than all the other previous teen birthdays. it's like when parents start saying that there kid is two instead of 24 months. it is the same age, it just sounds so much older.
i am the only girl in my family that has not been married by the time i am nineteen. and to be honest, it feels good. it feels good to know that i am different, not that i am seeking to be different. but i am good at being different. to going against the crowd. i don't feel in a rush to get things done. i am just going to take things slow. live each moment as it comes and try not to get lost in the hustle and bustle of things.
i have lived for twenty years. twenty years of memories. of laughs. of love. of learning from my mistakes. twenty years of not knowing what i really want and then finding out what it is at the exact time that i need to. twenty years of doing the right thing and the wrong thing, just to be doing something. twenty years of waking up every morning and not knowing what the day is going to bring. twenty years of having the love of my family and friends surround me.
i am twenty. and i am so lucky.

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Tiffani said...

guess what?! i am SO lucky! you know why? because i know you! and you are twenty! and guess what else? you're such a good person. and i'm glad your different. its okay that you aren't married yet. i promise you. but you already know.

you are twenty! you got your package too!

i love you.