Sunday, September 26, 2010

i need you.

here are the pictures i promised you.

oh, how i love him.

photos by raeportraits.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

across the universe.

hello world.

contrary to popular belief.
i have been out of commission for a little bit but it is only because i have this thing called a husband that i have to feed and take care of and stuff. no he isn't a baby, but i do enjoy taking care of him and loving him all the days and such.

well, let me catch you up on what is going down in our town.
we still live in af. we just can't get away. at least not yet. it is convenient since i work here, and that is why we are still here at the moment. we live in the upstairs of an old, old house. it's small, yet cozy. and very original and hard to decorate but we've tried to make it our own the best we can. i don't have any pictures or i'd post them. sorry.

our wedding was AMAZING. we had the most relaxed day. our families were all there. our best friends were there. our best wedding photographer was there. we ate great food. and just had a great time. and now
we went to the NYC for our honeymoon and stayed busy the whole time. it was a little crazy, but we didn't have all the time in the world, which we would have liked, but it's all good and it was simply the best. we saw m.'s favorite band play, saw the typical sights, saw phantom on broadway. spent a lot of time shopping. walked a lot. and i mean a lot. ate delicious food. and a lot of red velvet cake. and watched a lot of cake boss at the hotel. awesome.

we came home to a new bed. thanks to my parents. thank you very much! and i legally changed my name. hello l.k.p.! yay! the saturday upon our return was our open house, which was super fun and again, there was great food. and so much of it. if you didn't come, we're sorry you missed out on all the good food. if you feel the need to get some for yourself, go to braza grill in murray. you won't be disappointed.

well. let me end this post with this.
married life is the best ever.
waking up with that big bag of hunka hunka burnin' love next to me is wonderful.
making him breakfast while he shaves is the best.
listening to him write songs and him asking me to sing with him and being so happy that i did, is the cutest thing ever.
arguing about stupid things that then laughing at how stupid they are is hilarious.
him picking me up from work is the greatest way to end a long day.
making dinner together makes the food taste so much better.
cuddling with him while we sleep even though it's about a million degrees makes my heart so happy.
knowing that he is mine. forever. is bliss.
there is nothing better than being married.

alright friends. i've got a husband to get to.

ps. i took ten minutes trying to put up pics.
it didn't work.
next time.
proms guys.