Sunday, July 3, 2011

what is up with us.

well. it has been some time since i have posted anything. i have found myself consumed by pintrest and whenever i remember to post something, i find some awesome craft that distracts me for half the night. my apologies.
let me catch you up on what has been happening with us.

  • we recently moved into a basement apartment in a nice house, which has air conditioning aka. heaven. and are loving having two bedrooms and a lot of extra space. our old apartment were great, but it was time to get something a little bit newer. and a added plus, m. can now stand up straight in the shower without hitting his head on anything! it is so wonderful!
  • m. got a new job a couple months ago. it seems like he has had a lot of different jobs over the last couple of months. but he is settled at the one he has now and is loving it. and get this, it is just two building down from my work, so we meet in the middle and have lunch together. it is so great. i mean, i love taking naps on my lunch break, but getting to sit and chat with my husbandear is so much better. {we do miss our neighbors though. i guess since we aren't neighbors, maybe we can just call ourselves friends now. but i'll have to check with them first.}
  • everything is the same with me. still working at the same place, and wondering almost everyday why i am still there, but it is a good job, i am good at it, and it is super convenient. so i suppose i still be there for a while. at least until m. is done with school and we can be real grown up and have babies and all that other stuff that comes with being a grown up. i am wanting to make almost everything that i see on pintrest. someday i will around to making some of the crafts i have on my list. until then, i am just happy decorating our new house and dreaming of having all the money in the world to decorate with. someday.
  • m. has a new band called soft science. they have been making music together for a few months now. they competed in the summer battle of the bands and made it through the preliminaries and came close to winning, but had a computer mishap during their last song. it was a bittersweet ending to their night, but they were able to learn a lot and the band sure came together (after a few swears of course).
  • our anniversary is coming up next month. i can't believe we have been married for almost a year. time sure flies when you have fun. and i must say that the past 10.5 months that we have been married have been some of the funnest months of my life. we have had a lot of challenges and trials, but we have learned so much and most importantly, we have grown closer together because of the challenges.
  • the new photo at the top of our blog was taken by the {wonderful} Jessica, of raeportraits. she is one of my dearest friends and took these photo along with our wedding, engagement, and bridal pictures. she is ultra talented and we have set a goal to take pictures with her every year. i already can't wait until next year.
  • tomorrow is the fourth of july, and i am making a patriotic trifle. it is going to be amazing. i will post pictures of the finished product. stay tuned.

big love to you all. i will do better at posting and taking pictures. come back. it will be worth it.