Saturday, May 15, 2010

all you need is love.

and a ring.
and a date.
and a dress.

and i have all of that.
cause i'm getting married!

yes, it's true. i'm officially engaged to the one, mason t. porter. i honestly about to burst i am so happy.
do you want to hear the story?
alright, here we go.
so it started on friday, may 15. we had a date planned. a secret date. and "the best date of my life" is as m. described it to me.
i went to his house (because is without a vehicle) and he grabbed the picnic basket and we were out the door.
we went to what we had thought to be adventureland park, behind lone peak high school, but as it turns out, it has a different name. regardless of the name of the park, that is where we went.
we set up our picnic blanket near the lake, and in the middle of a whole bunch of gnats. we couldn't get away from them, but they left us alone after a while.
the first course: chips and salsa. mango.
second: apples.
third: sandwiches. no mustard on mine. he remembered.
we talked for a while and it started to get cold, and m. had to blow his nose so he went to the car and got some tissues and in the meantime i got bit on the lip by a mystery bug. my lip got swollen and red and super attractive. yum.
m. kept talking about climbing a tree. something i hadn't really heard him talk about but only a few rare times. i gave him some ideas of trees around town, but none of them were good enough, so we decided to take a drive up the canyon.
we drove up to tibble fork and told stories of adventures in the canyon and had some good laughs and then headed back down.
we stopped at a picnic area and walked around for a bit and followed a trail that led us to another parking lot (lame). so we went on a adventure of our own and ventured across the bridge and hiked up the mountain. good thing we were both wearing our best hiking shoes (not!). it all worked out and when we were nearing halfway up the mountain we decided to stop. m. was on much higher ground than me standing next to a tree, when he pulled out a knife. suprise! i didn't even know he had one! he told me to come up, so in my trusty boots, i did and together we carved L + M into the tree. he carved the L, i carved the M (it took me a really long time).
after we finished with the carving, we went a few feet below where we were, onto level ground and talked for a bit. and m. was really worried that i was going to fall down the mountain so he was holding me real close. cute.
after a while of talking i gave him a kiss and thanked him for the best date ever, and he said "you're kissing me and i haven't even asked you yet!" my reply "haven't even asked you what yet?" (i'm way good at english. haha). he got the ring out and said "i haven't even asked you: will you marry me?" my eyes were welling with the most joyful tears and i said "of course i will". we just stood there for the longest time and i was in total disbelief.
i am still in disbelief that we're engaged! to be married! do you even believe it?! eeeek!
we've been best friends for six years. can you even believe that. it's perfect if you ask me. completely and utterly perfect.

we are way awesome and didn't take any pictures after the proposal, but here is one of my ring, just for you.

amazing, eh?

more pictures to come.
but in the mean time, let the wedding plans begin!

and thanks for reading.