Monday, March 21, 2011

and your bird can sing.

my goodness, time sure flies sometimes.
and i have not been doing a good job at keeping you bloggies updated on what has been happening with us.

let me give you the run down.
first off.
it was employee appreciation day at work.
rumor was, breakfast was to be served.
mason went to gandolfo's a quick bite before work.
and to our surprise, it was the big g what was servin' up breakfast at my work.
so i got one of these.

everyone else got an upstate.

i have been incredibly craftish lately.
m's sister tatum is having a baby next month.
she has a baby shower a couple weeks ago.
i made her one of these.
(it's a car seat cover incase you can't tell)

i loved the fabric.

my sister wendizzle came down this past weekend and we had a craft party all day saturday.
and hobby lobby aka crafters paradise opened in af. hallelujah.
she made a few things.
while i made this.

which turned into this.

which ended up as this.

the most adorable wreath that took FOREVER to make, but it's ok cause i am in love with it.
ok not in love, but i do love it.
m. loves it too, which made me happy.

well, i feel like this post was pretty selfish. i said i would update you all on us and i pretty much just talked about what i have been doing.
let me tell you about m. real quick seeing as how his promise to post something on here has yet to come to pass.
he is doing good.
he has about ten march madness brackets. and is rated number six thousand something in the US. i don't know how that works, but anyway, that is cool.
school is almost over, which is great, but he is going to summer school. so that will be fun. i guess.
he is applying for new/another jobs. and the PR major at the brigham young uni.
speaking of byu, he likes how they play basketball, but has told me numerous times that he doesn't like the way jimmer plays and would not like to play on his team. i guess it's good that he just play intermural basketball.
m. played a show a couple weeks ago. go here to watch a video of one of his songs.

we are looking forward to april 1st and the benefit concert to give children in haiti clean water. it will take place at velour in provo. costs five dollars and there will be free stuff, like food. please come and support the children if you can.

we think you are great even if you don't leave comments on here for us to enjoy. just keep on reading and know that we appreciate you.
and if you have any grand photoshoot ideas, please share. we are taking family pictures (aka. engagements pictures minus the engagement but pretty much engagement cause we don't have any kids or dogs or anything. but bonnie the bonsai will be included, she is our trunked child after all.)
bless you all.
big love.

Post script: I take back what I said about m. and byu basketball. Apparently i was mistaken about what he thinks about the jimmer. My bad.

Monday, March 7, 2011

better late than never.

my v. day gift finally arrived.
it was a long wait.

but worth it.
i am in love with m.