Sunday, September 25, 2011

i am 65.

happy sunday evening.
it is already getting late, and by "late" i mean after 10pm, (it is 10:05pm right now, so basically i am 65 years old cause 10pm really isn't that late for normal people.) so this is going to be a short, but sweet post.
this week....
1. joined the gym. we are both a little unhappy with our current work out routine. or lack of one. and we are going to get fit, for life, and for our cruise in december.
2. sold our couch and matching ottoman on ksl. it looked nice and felt nice to sit in...for like ten minutes. it was one of those modern, super low back couches that looks awesome and then you have it in your house and it's the only real piece of furniture to sit in while watching tv and you realize that it is probably the worst couch ever. so yeah. we sold it. and bought a new one. we are picking it up tomorrow. ode to joy.
3. our friends colby and dani, (and i am only saying there names in hopes that they will read this and be inspired to get their own blog. cause duh, blogs are like the best ever) got married on saturday. their reception was super awesome. classy and fun. yay marriage.
4. m. had a show at sammy's in provo. and what i mean by "at sammy's" is he played on a stage facing a wall, where all the sound bounced off the wall and didn't sound too hot. oh, and there was a sweet old timer band playing at the same time at the intersection on center street where about four people in lawn chairs were watching. so yeah, it was a good show. meaning they did a good job. but that venue is the worst. and the restaurant portion of sammy's does not earn my approval either. i waited a half an hour to get some chicken strips and sweet potato fries. totally wasn't worth it. never again sammy's. never again.
5. got our POAP's or pass of all passes. only 30 bones and lasts for an entire year. hello seven peaks next summer. and about a hundred plus rounds of mini golf at trafalga in the mean time. boo yah! if you happen to have gotten a POAP too, let me know. we will POAP it up with you any day.
6. i am too lazy to go back and erase the number 6 that i wrote and i don't have anything else to write. so that is all for this week. my eyes are already tired from looking at the computer for the ten minutes i have been writing this. i feel tomorrow will be a very long day at work.

i'll have some pics next time. proms.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

raindrops on roses and feet prints on car hoods.

sunday is here once again and i am once again sitting on the couch, in front of tv while m. writes his daily song.
this week was real good.
lets find out what happened, shall we?
the beginning of the week was kinda slow. work is always busy so monday, tuesday and wednesday always sort of blend into one. and one very long day seems to go very slow.
i will tell you that i almost no motivation at work, which made it very hard to concentrate.
i bought the "this american life" podcast app a couple weeks ago and have been listening to that pretty much all day at work. there are so many interesting stories to listen to. if you have never listened to it before, you should look into it. i really enjoy listening to what happens in the lives of regular people from all over the US. it makes me excited to move out of utah and get to know people like the ones i hear about in the stories. sometimes the stories are sad, sometimes they are happy, sometimes they make me laugh out loud at my desk, which is would be embarrassing, but everyone does it, right? don't lie to me, i know you've done it.
i bought some more fabric a couple days ago and i am going to make a bunch (okay like 3) skirts this week and try to sell them. if you are interested, let me know, but i won't be mad if you don't.
i was really looking forward to friday because right after work, m. and i headed up to logan because i went with my sister wendy to the "time out for women" event.
it was POURING rain when we left and i was dying of laughter. i don't know why it makes me giggle so much. i just think it is so funny when it rains so hard and you can't see and everyone is getting soaked. it is mostly funny when people are trying to hurry and get out of it but for some reason it takes them forever and they are just dripping. ha. funny people. funny wet people.
here we are on the road. obviously m. loves driving.

anyway. time out for women was awesome. my jr. high choir teacher, ms. macy, was the musical entertainment on friday night. she is so great and gave some great lessons about being a mother and what it means to be a mother. she feels that you don't have to give birth to someone to be there mother and you don't have to only look at the woman who gave birth to you to be a mother to you. mothers are everywhere and there are so many amazing women that will take care of you and look after you. i love mothers. way to go all you moms out there. gold stars all around.
we drove by the logan temple on our way back to wendy's. it is so lovely.

saturday was a long day, but great. i wasn't prepared and didn't bring anything to write down my thoughts, but there were so many good speakers. it is really inspiring to see so many wonderful members of the church do so much for other people. sometimes i feel like i am just floating along and don't make a difference to anyone. i learned this weekend that we always need to believe in ourselves, we need to live by our beliefs and we must always believe that everything will be okay in the end.
m. and i hung out with our long lost friends, danielle and kyle after i was finished with the conference. they are going to school in logan so we don't see them very much. we went to dinner at the restaurant where danielle works and hung out at their apartment on saturday night.
after dinner we stopped by the good ol' deseret industries. m. decided he had to purchase an organ. cause that's normal, right?  it was just barely too big for our car, so my sister had come in her trusty van. we couldn't bring it home, cause again, too big for our car. so m. will have to wait to play with it. i hope it is worth the wait.
we were at di for a little too long and got caught up in the records. aren't we so dreamy? 

i am embarrassed to say that we watched the byu vs. utah game on saturday night. i have really have nothing to say about it. it was a great win for utah. a pitiful game for byu and at the end of the game, the only thing i felt was ridiculous that i sat and watched the entire thing and i wished i could have taken a nap instead. i am done with football. it is too long for me. i could have crafted so many crafty things in that time.
it was my dear friend tifaroo's birthday on saturday. i was sad that we didn't get to spend time with her. we were in logan and she was in st.g. being a beautiful bridesmaid for her friends wedding. she is an amazing person and has such a good heart (and the best smile).  happy birthday tifaroo. i love you!
ps tif. this picture is over a year old. it was the best one i could find so lets get a new one together soon, deal?

well friends i am tired so i am gonna hit the sack now. 
i hope your week was as exciting as mine was. which wouldn't be too hard. ha. 
thanks for reading. bless your little hearts. 
ps. we found these little feet prints all over our car this morning. i was laughing so hard. i guess a little critter crawled through the mud and then decided to walk all over our car. humerous.

Monday, September 12, 2011

i can't believe i forgot!

hey guys!
i totally forgot to tell you!
i finished my very first sewing project with my birthday sewing machine!
i made a skirt and it is totes awes!
here are some pics.
up close(ish)
(bad quality photos. it was kinda dark. we need to buy lightbulbs.)
and a little further away. 
the best part of the skirt you ask?
 POCKETS! pockets are a must. 
thats all i had to say. so long.
oh! ps. did you watch the miss universe pageant? i need to work out.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

i need a kitkat.

hello my fellow bloggies.
it's sunday once again and here i am waiting for m. to finish writing his song of the day. i think he is almost done, so i am going to make this quick.
this week was...l...o...n...g.
i only had four days of work (yay for paid holidays!) but it felt like a regular week. probably because i was looking forward to the weekend, but also dreading the weekend. you will see why in a moment.

  • nothing too spectacular happened during the week. i did get a raise at my work, so that was the best news ever. m. and i are now making the same amount per hour. it only took me almost 2 years to get up to what he started at. haha. it's all good though. 
  • we bought our plane tickets that will take us to california, which will then take us to cabo and ensenada come december 17. i cannot wait! i love me some vacation time! yeee! 
  • friday night we splurged and went to cafe rio for date night instead of our favorite cafe rio knock off restaurant costa vida. i got a salad, which was huge, of course, and as soon as we got in the car to go home, i was on the verge of puking that salad right back up. but don't you worry, i am the queen of not throwing up. and that is something i am very proud of. hehe. 
  • yesterday we went and saw that new movie "contagion" it was pretty wild and fairly accurate when it comes to how diseases can spread so quickly from person to person and continent to continent. i won't spoil anything for you. but i will say that i don't know if it was psychological or what, but i felt way sick during the movie. like the same kind of sick the people in the movie were feeling. so sick that i didn't even eat my kitkat!! 
  • i took a long nap after the movie because m. had to go into work for a few hours yesterday morning and i couldn't go to sleep after he left, which was around 7:30 and who wants to wake up at 7:30 on a saturday? not me, thats who. so instead of sleeping in, i just took my nap. don't judge me. 
  • we went to trafalga in lehi (formerly liberty land) and played some glow in the dark mini golf with some friends. we were all given black golf clubs which made it nearly impossible to see, but it was cool and all of our teeth were glowing green and my freckles were comin out like nobody's business. cool. it was super fun and i freakin rock at mini golf. challenge me, i dare you. 
  • we spoke in church today, which is always awesome. not. i totally dread it every time and even though our talks were only ten minutes, but still. i get so shaky and nervous and of course i cried which is not what i was expecting, but come on, i cry during glee, why wouldn't i cry during my talk? one of these days i will have control over my emotions. i blame the birth control. haha. i should probably do better next time and not prepare my talk the day before but it is over now and all is well. 
life is good, life is great. and i am a tired child. i will leave you for now, but i will be back next week. i have some pictures to post but my phone is ALL the way over there ------> on the counter and i am wayyy to lazy to go get it. i'll post them soon.
have a good week everyone. we will be heading to logan on friday after work. i am going to the "time out for women" spectacular with my sister. it should be a grand time.
thanks for reading. or not cause there weren't any pictures to look at.
laters gators.
ps. i know today is september 11 and i didn't say anything about it. no, i am not heartless, i just posted my thoughts last week. check it out if you want. god bless america.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

it's september?

guess what guys? it's september already. how weird is that? i tell you what, this year is going by wayyyy too fast.
right now i am sitting on the couch, listening to m. playing music from the other room. he is working on his month long project to write one song everyday and post it for all to hear, whether it is good or bad. he's only 4 days in, but is doing great!
the tv is on, and honestly, i'm not really paying attention to it. the program that is on is a special about september 11, 2001 because as you know, this year marks the tenth year since that dreadful day.
i was in 8th grade when the towers fell and left a layer of debris over manhattan.
i remember that day ten years ago, parts of it more clearly than others. i woke up, got ready for school and came down to find my mom sitting in front of the tv watching reruns of the first plane crash into one of the towers of the world trade center. to be honest i didn't know what to think of it. i was only 13. what i supposed to know about the world trade center? i knew nothing about what a terrorist attack was.
when i got to school, it wasn't a regular day. it was different. the halls seemed quieter. all the teachers seemed to be in sort of a daze and nearly all of my classes were spent watching the news, trying to find out any information about how what had happened any why those airplanes flew into the towers.
just before i went to choir, the towers fell. and everything fell silent. we were all only kids, but we knew that something terrible had just happened. i remember feeling really sad. feeling like i just wanted to be home with my family. i wanted to be safe.
i don't really remember the rest of the day. i remember going to choir and finding my teacher, ms. macy, crying, nearly overwhelmed with what had happened. she turned off the tv midway through class.
so many lives were lost. so many people lost sons, daughters, wives, husbands, friends. it makes my heart ache to think of children growing up without their moms or dads. husbands losing wives and parents losing their children.
i feel so selfish sometimes thinking that i take advantage of my parents, my family, that are nearly all so close to me. i know i don't tell them that i love them as much as i should, but i hope they know it anyway. i hope they know that my life would, in no way, be the same without them in it.
i am grateful to live in this country. i am grateful for those who fight for this country. and although i don't know anyone who died in the attacks on september 11, i am grateful for those who were lost in the debris of the towers. they will never be forgotten. they can never be forgotten. september 11 will never be just another day that comes around every year. it is a day for heroes.

i didn't mean for this post to be so...emotional. i had no intention of writing anything like this, but it's too late now i suppose.
i hope you all had a wonderful week. tomorrow is labor day. no work! yee!
next week i'll be back. with more to say. pictures to show. and things to report.
until then. stay great.