Sunday, September 25, 2011

i am 65.

happy sunday evening.
it is already getting late, and by "late" i mean after 10pm, (it is 10:05pm right now, so basically i am 65 years old cause 10pm really isn't that late for normal people.) so this is going to be a short, but sweet post.
this week....
1. joined the gym. we are both a little unhappy with our current work out routine. or lack of one. and we are going to get fit, for life, and for our cruise in december.
2. sold our couch and matching ottoman on ksl. it looked nice and felt nice to sit in...for like ten minutes. it was one of those modern, super low back couches that looks awesome and then you have it in your house and it's the only real piece of furniture to sit in while watching tv and you realize that it is probably the worst couch ever. so yeah. we sold it. and bought a new one. we are picking it up tomorrow. ode to joy.
3. our friends colby and dani, (and i am only saying there names in hopes that they will read this and be inspired to get their own blog. cause duh, blogs are like the best ever) got married on saturday. their reception was super awesome. classy and fun. yay marriage.
4. m. had a show at sammy's in provo. and what i mean by "at sammy's" is he played on a stage facing a wall, where all the sound bounced off the wall and didn't sound too hot. oh, and there was a sweet old timer band playing at the same time at the intersection on center street where about four people in lawn chairs were watching. so yeah, it was a good show. meaning they did a good job. but that venue is the worst. and the restaurant portion of sammy's does not earn my approval either. i waited a half an hour to get some chicken strips and sweet potato fries. totally wasn't worth it. never again sammy's. never again.
5. got our POAP's or pass of all passes. only 30 bones and lasts for an entire year. hello seven peaks next summer. and about a hundred plus rounds of mini golf at trafalga in the mean time. boo yah! if you happen to have gotten a POAP too, let me know. we will POAP it up with you any day.
6. i am too lazy to go back and erase the number 6 that i wrote and i don't have anything else to write. so that is all for this week. my eyes are already tired from looking at the computer for the ten minutes i have been writing this. i feel tomorrow will be a very long day at work.

i'll have some pics next time. proms.

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the militonis said...

linds i just love your posts. oh and were getting a poap :) friends!?