Monday, September 12, 2011

i can't believe i forgot!

hey guys!
i totally forgot to tell you!
i finished my very first sewing project with my birthday sewing machine!
i made a skirt and it is totes awes!
here are some pics.
up close(ish)
(bad quality photos. it was kinda dark. we need to buy lightbulbs.)
and a little further away. 
the best part of the skirt you ask?
 POCKETS! pockets are a must. 
thats all i had to say. so long.
oh! ps. did you watch the miss universe pageant? i need to work out.


KFord.Squared said...

That's it little lady! You are so coming over and teaching me this when I get My sewing machine! I love that skirt. Bravo!!

l&m. said...

thanks kyla! i haven't sewn anything in forever! i was way out of practice, but it felt so great to sew something all by myself!

tifsong said...

you are skilled. love it.

Christa said...

so cute. you're so very talented.

Carlie said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! Make me one now!! You are quite talented, I can't believe that was your first project! I am sincerely impressed.