Sunday, September 18, 2011

raindrops on roses and feet prints on car hoods.

sunday is here once again and i am once again sitting on the couch, in front of tv while m. writes his daily song.
this week was real good.
lets find out what happened, shall we?
the beginning of the week was kinda slow. work is always busy so monday, tuesday and wednesday always sort of blend into one. and one very long day seems to go very slow.
i will tell you that i almost no motivation at work, which made it very hard to concentrate.
i bought the "this american life" podcast app a couple weeks ago and have been listening to that pretty much all day at work. there are so many interesting stories to listen to. if you have never listened to it before, you should look into it. i really enjoy listening to what happens in the lives of regular people from all over the US. it makes me excited to move out of utah and get to know people like the ones i hear about in the stories. sometimes the stories are sad, sometimes they are happy, sometimes they make me laugh out loud at my desk, which is would be embarrassing, but everyone does it, right? don't lie to me, i know you've done it.
i bought some more fabric a couple days ago and i am going to make a bunch (okay like 3) skirts this week and try to sell them. if you are interested, let me know, but i won't be mad if you don't.
i was really looking forward to friday because right after work, m. and i headed up to logan because i went with my sister wendy to the "time out for women" event.
it was POURING rain when we left and i was dying of laughter. i don't know why it makes me giggle so much. i just think it is so funny when it rains so hard and you can't see and everyone is getting soaked. it is mostly funny when people are trying to hurry and get out of it but for some reason it takes them forever and they are just dripping. ha. funny people. funny wet people.
here we are on the road. obviously m. loves driving.

anyway. time out for women was awesome. my jr. high choir teacher, ms. macy, was the musical entertainment on friday night. she is so great and gave some great lessons about being a mother and what it means to be a mother. she feels that you don't have to give birth to someone to be there mother and you don't have to only look at the woman who gave birth to you to be a mother to you. mothers are everywhere and there are so many amazing women that will take care of you and look after you. i love mothers. way to go all you moms out there. gold stars all around.
we drove by the logan temple on our way back to wendy's. it is so lovely.

saturday was a long day, but great. i wasn't prepared and didn't bring anything to write down my thoughts, but there were so many good speakers. it is really inspiring to see so many wonderful members of the church do so much for other people. sometimes i feel like i am just floating along and don't make a difference to anyone. i learned this weekend that we always need to believe in ourselves, we need to live by our beliefs and we must always believe that everything will be okay in the end.
m. and i hung out with our long lost friends, danielle and kyle after i was finished with the conference. they are going to school in logan so we don't see them very much. we went to dinner at the restaurant where danielle works and hung out at their apartment on saturday night.
after dinner we stopped by the good ol' deseret industries. m. decided he had to purchase an organ. cause that's normal, right?  it was just barely too big for our car, so my sister had come in her trusty van. we couldn't bring it home, cause again, too big for our car. so m. will have to wait to play with it. i hope it is worth the wait.
we were at di for a little too long and got caught up in the records. aren't we so dreamy? 

i am embarrassed to say that we watched the byu vs. utah game on saturday night. i have really have nothing to say about it. it was a great win for utah. a pitiful game for byu and at the end of the game, the only thing i felt was ridiculous that i sat and watched the entire thing and i wished i could have taken a nap instead. i am done with football. it is too long for me. i could have crafted so many crafty things in that time.
it was my dear friend tifaroo's birthday on saturday. i was sad that we didn't get to spend time with her. we were in logan and she was in st.g. being a beautiful bridesmaid for her friends wedding. she is an amazing person and has such a good heart (and the best smile).  happy birthday tifaroo. i love you!
ps tif. this picture is over a year old. it was the best one i could find so lets get a new one together soon, deal?

well friends i am tired so i am gonna hit the sack now. 
i hope your week was as exciting as mine was. which wouldn't be too hard. ha. 
thanks for reading. bless your little hearts. 
ps. we found these little feet prints all over our car this morning. i was laughing so hard. i guess a little critter crawled through the mud and then decided to walk all over our car. humerous.


tifsong said...

sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!
coolest piano AND record picture, love that.

and thanks for the birthday wish. i love that picture of us. and i love you.

Aubrey said...

I love the little footprints on the car. So adorable and hilarious!
I also love the picture of the record. I spend way too much of my life looking at books and records at D.I.