Sunday, September 11, 2011

i need a kitkat.

hello my fellow bloggies.
it's sunday once again and here i am waiting for m. to finish writing his song of the day. i think he is almost done, so i am going to make this quick.
this week was...l...o...n...g.
i only had four days of work (yay for paid holidays!) but it felt like a regular week. probably because i was looking forward to the weekend, but also dreading the weekend. you will see why in a moment.

  • nothing too spectacular happened during the week. i did get a raise at my work, so that was the best news ever. m. and i are now making the same amount per hour. it only took me almost 2 years to get up to what he started at. haha. it's all good though. 
  • we bought our plane tickets that will take us to california, which will then take us to cabo and ensenada come december 17. i cannot wait! i love me some vacation time! yeee! 
  • friday night we splurged and went to cafe rio for date night instead of our favorite cafe rio knock off restaurant costa vida. i got a salad, which was huge, of course, and as soon as we got in the car to go home, i was on the verge of puking that salad right back up. but don't you worry, i am the queen of not throwing up. and that is something i am very proud of. hehe. 
  • yesterday we went and saw that new movie "contagion" it was pretty wild and fairly accurate when it comes to how diseases can spread so quickly from person to person and continent to continent. i won't spoil anything for you. but i will say that i don't know if it was psychological or what, but i felt way sick during the movie. like the same kind of sick the people in the movie were feeling. so sick that i didn't even eat my kitkat!! 
  • i took a long nap after the movie because m. had to go into work for a few hours yesterday morning and i couldn't go to sleep after he left, which was around 7:30 and who wants to wake up at 7:30 on a saturday? not me, thats who. so instead of sleeping in, i just took my nap. don't judge me. 
  • we went to trafalga in lehi (formerly liberty land) and played some glow in the dark mini golf with some friends. we were all given black golf clubs which made it nearly impossible to see, but it was cool and all of our teeth were glowing green and my freckles were comin out like nobody's business. cool. it was super fun and i freakin rock at mini golf. challenge me, i dare you. 
  • we spoke in church today, which is always awesome. not. i totally dread it every time and even though our talks were only ten minutes, but still. i get so shaky and nervous and of course i cried which is not what i was expecting, but come on, i cry during glee, why wouldn't i cry during my talk? one of these days i will have control over my emotions. i blame the birth control. haha. i should probably do better next time and not prepare my talk the day before but it is over now and all is well. 
life is good, life is great. and i am a tired child. i will leave you for now, but i will be back next week. i have some pictures to post but my phone is ALL the way over there ------> on the counter and i am wayyy to lazy to go get it. i'll post them soon.
have a good week everyone. we will be heading to logan on friday after work. i am going to the "time out for women" spectacular with my sister. it should be a grand time.
thanks for reading. or not cause there weren't any pictures to look at.
laters gators.
ps. i know today is september 11 and i didn't say anything about it. no, i am not heartless, i just posted my thoughts last week. check it out if you want. god bless america.


Chelsey said...

I was super impressed with you emotion control your wedding day. Not a tear that I could see, even with crazy crying sisters. probably you didn't want mascara running down your face with some serious pink eyes! Thumbs up ,Linds!After reading your last post I watched the live news broadcasts for 9/11 and it totally took me make. i couldn't help crying. It is so much more scary and horrifying now that I have a family of my own. I love you linds and Mason too. We hope you are still coming in Oct. We would like to go to masons show!?! and hope you can stay the night! Loves

Leah said...

Lindsey, can I just say...

I love you! Thank you for being at work, even though most of the time it's not the funnest thing on earth. I think you are wonderful and I love hearing and reading your stories! You inspire me to work harder and be more creative. Congrats on the raise, you deserve it! Have a wonderful week :)

Joel and Michelle said...

Hey Linds, I am going to the Time Out for Women conference this weekend too with a bunch of girls from our neighborhood. Maybe I'll see you guys there. Also, thanks for the idea of watching the 3 White Dresses song for my lesson. It was great! I'm calling you for ideas every month now!