Sunday, September 4, 2011

it's september?

guess what guys? it's september already. how weird is that? i tell you what, this year is going by wayyyy too fast.
right now i am sitting on the couch, listening to m. playing music from the other room. he is working on his month long project to write one song everyday and post it for all to hear, whether it is good or bad. he's only 4 days in, but is doing great!
the tv is on, and honestly, i'm not really paying attention to it. the program that is on is a special about september 11, 2001 because as you know, this year marks the tenth year since that dreadful day.
i was in 8th grade when the towers fell and left a layer of debris over manhattan.
i remember that day ten years ago, parts of it more clearly than others. i woke up, got ready for school and came down to find my mom sitting in front of the tv watching reruns of the first plane crash into one of the towers of the world trade center. to be honest i didn't know what to think of it. i was only 13. what i supposed to know about the world trade center? i knew nothing about what a terrorist attack was.
when i got to school, it wasn't a regular day. it was different. the halls seemed quieter. all the teachers seemed to be in sort of a daze and nearly all of my classes were spent watching the news, trying to find out any information about how what had happened any why those airplanes flew into the towers.
just before i went to choir, the towers fell. and everything fell silent. we were all only kids, but we knew that something terrible had just happened. i remember feeling really sad. feeling like i just wanted to be home with my family. i wanted to be safe.
i don't really remember the rest of the day. i remember going to choir and finding my teacher, ms. macy, crying, nearly overwhelmed with what had happened. she turned off the tv midway through class.
so many lives were lost. so many people lost sons, daughters, wives, husbands, friends. it makes my heart ache to think of children growing up without their moms or dads. husbands losing wives and parents losing their children.
i feel so selfish sometimes thinking that i take advantage of my parents, my family, that are nearly all so close to me. i know i don't tell them that i love them as much as i should, but i hope they know it anyway. i hope they know that my life would, in no way, be the same without them in it.
i am grateful to live in this country. i am grateful for those who fight for this country. and although i don't know anyone who died in the attacks on september 11, i am grateful for those who were lost in the debris of the towers. they will never be forgotten. they can never be forgotten. september 11 will never be just another day that comes around every year. it is a day for heroes.

i didn't mean for this post to be so...emotional. i had no intention of writing anything like this, but it's too late now i suppose.
i hope you all had a wonderful week. tomorrow is labor day. no work! yee!
next week i'll be back. with more to say. pictures to show. and things to report.
until then. stay great.

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tifsong said...

i think every one of us tiny 8th graders felt the same that day. i was in history class. my teacher was crying. i didn't get it. world trade centers? never heard of them.

i was watching kids at church today, young ones, ones who weren't alive ten years ago.

they will never know how we all feel on september 11th. and we'll never be able to explain it to them.

you're lovely linds.