Monday, April 28, 2008

come together.

this past weekend i traveled northward to spend some time with the great friend of mine. her name is hannah claire walker. and we met when she crushed my finger on new years eve two years ago.
since then it has been she and i, joined at the hip. til she moved away to college.
finally at the end of her first and only year at usu, i went up to see her.
our adventures include the following:
there was hanging around and sleeping, last days of work and wanting to dance, breath taking sunsets and bitter cold nights, traveling to preston and bowling, singing to fight! and colbie callait, riding the shuttle and going to class, the quad and hazels bread, pepperidge farms and deseret industries, lunch with a long lost friend, dinner with wendy and children, brown eggs from real chickens, old rusty tractors and photographs,
giant teather balls and 7 lb bowling balls, sinks full of icecream then feeling sick, bon fires and a guy burning his hair off, box elder bugs and ant guts, milano cookies and rice a roni, weird roommates and normal ones, girlmore girls and pearl harbor, no internet connection and no mail, sleepovers in the front room, sleepovers with no blanket and wet hair, drunk gay men and men that used to be women, graduation parties and bridal shower gifts, bandaids and mascara, driving through a blizzard to get there, and driving home with the air conditioner blasting.
i must say it was quite the weekend.

and i have great friends.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

she said she said.

yesterday, i recieved a letter. a letter that was unexpected. a letter from a person that has changed me in ways that are unimaginable. this person has only been in my life for just over a year, but within that year i have learned more about myself than i have in all the years previous. this person has blessed my life in ways that i never expected. this person has a spirit that soars above all others. this person has been the change in the world for so many people, including myself.
she said. she said. so many things, that i found hard to believe. she said. she said. so many things that brought me to tears. she said. she said. too many things that are only evident because of her.
she is amazing.
she is one of my best.
she is the inspiration.
she is the one and only.

tiffani herpel.

Monday, April 21, 2008

the word.

what is a word exactly? and who is to say that a "word" is spelled wrong.
words aren't said correctly to begin with, so how can they be "spelled" wrong.
what do you mean? you ask.
i mean, that words don't make sense. for example: zenon or sychology? no- xenon or psychology.
it doesn't make any sense.
words are words. and no one ever says them how they sound. i just don't get it.
i luff ewe.
you are hawt. it is hawt outside.
you are kewl. et cetera. et cetera.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


it snowed.
i got a letter. the heavens opened.
i read the letter. my eyes watered like rain falling from the sky.
i finished the letter. my heart soared.
i read the letter.
it snowed.
i soared.

Monday, April 14, 2008

cry baby cry.

i see you less.
i miss you more.
i see you more.
i miss you less.


i see you less.
i miss you less.
i see you more.
i miss you more.

none this makes sense. in the end, i always end up missing.
but what is it that i'm missing?
it's nothing i need.
it's something i see.
i feel what i need.
and only need one thing:
to feel.

good day sunshine.

it's eighty degrees and sunny and no need for a jacket. and of course, today is one of those days when i am stuck inside all day and have no chance of being able to enjoy it. good thing eighty degrees and sunny lasts a whole season long.
the sun brings a new day, a new world, a new life. everyday is a new day to live. live as big as you want, or as big as you can without taking up too much space.
take a minute to enjoy the flowers that are beginning to bloom. take a minute to sit upon the fresh green grass. take a minute to bask in the sunlight and feel the cool breeze blow through your hair. take a minute to give thanks, to the world, for giving you this new day to live.

Friday, April 11, 2008


i'm not one for long introductions or capitilization. thats just who i am.
this is just another insight to my life. do i really need that? i guess so, since i am still typing.
i am sixth of seven children and the only girl to not be married by the time i'm twenty. what does that say about me? really. what?
i'm determined to be different. to stand out. to make a difference. to be the difference. in someones life. in anyones life. as long as i have changed one person for the better, i can hold my head high.
let it rain.