Friday, April 11, 2008


i'm not one for long introductions or capitilization. thats just who i am.
this is just another insight to my life. do i really need that? i guess so, since i am still typing.
i am sixth of seven children and the only girl to not be married by the time i'm twenty. what does that say about me? really. what?
i'm determined to be different. to stand out. to make a difference. to be the difference. in someones life. in anyones life. as long as i have changed one person for the better, i can hold my head high.
let it rain.

1 comment:

tiffani said...

i don't know why.
but i was reading this.
and tears formed in my eyes.
you've been my difference.

i say that with all of my heart.
i love you lindsface.