Monday, April 21, 2008

the word.

what is a word exactly? and who is to say that a "word" is spelled wrong.
words aren't said correctly to begin with, so how can they be "spelled" wrong.
what do you mean? you ask.
i mean, that words don't make sense. for example: zenon or sychology? no- xenon or psychology.
it doesn't make any sense.
words are words. and no one ever says them how they sound. i just don't get it.
i luff ewe.
you are hawt. it is hawt outside.
you are kewl. et cetera. et cetera.

1 comment:

tiffani said...

and there i go again.
laffing my trashcan off.
lader on today i'm going to get off work. and do something.

but for now, i'm laffing at work.
and luving at work.
and wording at work.

no one can tell us we spell words rong. not one sole.


i luff you and yer hawt.