Tuesday, October 4, 2011

it's two days past sunday.

i meant to write on sunday like i usually do, but i was feeling a little under the weather and yesterday m. had an insane amount of homework which left me with no computer to use. someday we will have two computers.
so alas, i am here now! aren't you glad?
alright. lets get down to business.

this past week has been pretty darn good.
  •  on tuesday i went to the mother-daughter relief society with my mom. it was fun. there was food. fun. and these delicious cupcakes. yum. i can't pass up a good cupcake. or a bad one. yub! 
  • the middle of the week always kinda blends together, but thursday came and i was so happy cause i got to hang out with some of my best girl friends from high school. we haven't gotten together in WAY too long so it was awesome to hang out and catch up. 
  • here we are at los hermanos. (this is right before amanda left her entire order of nachos on the bench and they got thrown away. sorry manda.) 
  • friday was a very long day at work. i was looking forward to the weekend a little too much and time went SO slow. m. and i don't text a lot while we are at work, but we were having a little too much fun on friday. check out how clever we are!

  • OH! i forgot to tell you! we got a new couch! i said a couple posts ago that we sold our old one, and we got our new one on monday. it is awesome. super comfortable and fluffy. 
  • since we don't have our ottoman anymore, we decided we had to get rid of our old rug and get a new one. so off to ikea we went! we found a super shaggy rug. m. is in love with it. it looks real nice. now we just need to get a coffee table! we did a little rearranging and our living room. come over and see it!
  • after ikea we stopped by m. mission reunion and chatted with some of his mission friends. that is always really fun for me. not really, but i do it cause i love m.
  • OCTOBER! saturday morning we got up to watch conference and got a call from m.'s parents inviting us over for breakfast (which was more like brunch). since we hadn't eaten yet, of course we were in. we cruised on over and had some delicious food. m.'s dad is a king in the kitchen and always has something delicious up his sleeve. here is brunch. 
hand rolled corn tortilla. homemade beans. fried egg in salsa. pico. avocado. sour cream. cilantro. 
  • m. and i went up to slc on saturday afternoon and i bought some boots from rachael of ande monster vintage. she went to snow college with m. and we hadn't seen her in a long time so we hung out and talked for a bit. she is so sweet. seriously one of the nicest people ever. and i am in love with the boots i got. i'll post pics soon. yay boots! thanks rachael. 
  • i hung out with my best hannah on saturday night. we hadn't hung out in a while so it was great to hang out, just the two of us. no husbands allowed. okay, they were at priesthood, but they still wouldn't have been allowed. she is so great and i miss hanging out with her. both of our lives are pretty busy, so we don't don't get to see each other as much as we would like so it is always good to just spend a couple hours together. love you han-bone!
  • sunday morning hannah and her husband b. came over for breakfast and to watch conference. it was great. we made some delicious breakfast burritos and blueberry muffin and enjoyed conference together. life doesn't get much better than that. 
  • have i told you that i have recently been selected as the head of the PPC (party planning committee) for my department at work? (just call me angela martin and give me some cats!--no don't really) i haven't ever been a super big Halloween lover, but it is fun to plan stuff for my department at work. look out work buddies! it's gonna be a good month!
  • in other news, we are totally using our gym passes. we have gone every mwf after work for the past couple of weeks. m. is losing weight like crazy (boys are so lame) and i am feeling good and getting fit. go us! 

isn't life just the best? sometimes i get so caught up in wanting it to be some other day, wayyy in the future. i really need to work on enjoying everyday for what it is. cause really, everyday is great. big thanks to everyone that reads this silly blog. you make me feel special and i am grateful for you. 
i love m. i love my family. i love my friends. i love the gospel. i love life. and i hope you do too. 

well, that was my week. not crazy exciting, but good enough for me. 
until next time. 


its simple love said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for mentioning me. I just adore you.


The Davis Duo said...

You = +1