Tuesday, October 25, 2011

october is ending too quickly.

six days til halloween. four days til my family party and i have no idea what i am going to be. m. and i had/have an idea, but i don't really have the motivation to make the costume. so. do you have any easy ideas? ha. 

before we get to halloween let me tell you about the past week. 

the  biggest news of the week is.....
the construction in front of our house if finally done (at least for now)! we don't have to wait ten minutes to get our of our driveway anymore. the huge lights are gone, which means the generators that run the lights are now turned off an not buzzing all night and the loud clanking of cars going over those huge metal hole covering things at all hours of the night is over! i could not be happier. thanks for being so happy for us. we are happy for us too. ha. 

so. last tuesday after my post, m. and i decided to have a little dessert night and went to our favorite frozen dessert spot. coney's frozen custard. i have never realized how much i love custard. i have always been a huge fan of ice cream, so naturally, i knew custard would be right up my alley. i think it might win over maggie moo's or cold stone or any of those places. if you haven't checked out coney's yet, you totally should. we always get this: 

it's called a concrete. we get chocolate custard and mix in reece's peanut butter cups. the chocolate on the pb cups gets crunchy, but the peanut butter stays smooth and creamy. i want one right now. too bad m. took the car to band practice. 

m. and i don't text a lot during the day. usually because he is in class or working and i am always working. so at some point during the day when one of us has a minute we will text a little love to each other. last wednesday m. texted me just after i came back from lunch. here's how it went: 

it totally made me laugh. i am the worst at texting so auto correct always catches my mistakes, but m. never makes mistakes, so this made me laugh really hard. he was being so sweet, but his frustration came through and it was just hilarious.  i love that bag of bones. 

the middle of the week...the middle of the week...oh! m.s cousin got married! it was a wonderful ceremony in the provo temple. it was really neat. let me give you some background. m.s cousin served his mission in mongolia and met his now wife, then fellow missionary when they were both in the mtc.  she was at the mtc (via mongolia) on her way to serve in indiana. so they met, didn't keep in touch on their missions, got back in touch afterwards and from opposite ends of the earth he helped her with her english via email, after a while they started talking less about english, more about each other and eventually fell in love. he went back to mongolia, asked for her hand, she (and her family) said yes, they waited for forever to get her visa, she finally got it, came to the US on her birthday, they got married one month later. it was a very special day for them and we were so happy to be there for them.  

on friday night, m. and i decided to have a night in. we made dinner together, which i foolishly didn't take a picture of. we made breaded curry chicken with rice pilaf and steamed carrots. it was absolutely delicious and our house smelled like curry the entire weekend.  
we were going to go out for dessert, but then i remember that i had bought some pumpkin and wanted to make some kind of pumpkin dessert, so we made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  

they were delicious. i made them bite sized, which made way more than we could eat so we gave some to our neighbors and both of our parents. after we gave out all the cookies, we watched district 9. it was on tv and m. recorded it for us to watch. it was good. have you seen it? if you have, keep reading. if you haven't you can skip this next part. okay, so ya know how the main guys fingernails fall off, cause ya know...? well, that made my fingernails hurt SO bad during the entire movie. i know that is kinda weird and you probably don't know what i mean, but it was not great. the movie was, my achy fingernails were not. 

we didn't have any plans during the day on saturday, so m. went to the skatepark with one of our good friends from high school. i went and hung out for the last little bit and watched them skate. neither of them had skated in a while, but it was a really nice day and they had fun. here is proof that they haven't completely lost their skating ability. 

the one on the right is m. (sorry he is so small and in the shadow). the one of the left is our friend shad. 

on saturday night we went up to slc and met up with some of our friends. we went to the popular waffle joint called bruge. we got the famous german chocolate stuffed waffle with some vanilla bean ice cream on the side. 

it was delicious (and a little expensive), but overall it was a good time. 
 our dear friend hofe is always a crowd pleaser. he isn't married or dating anyone so he was came on a blind date, and pulled out this little number to show his date. obviously he isn't shy. 

that is his hoodie. the zipper went all the way around the hood, so the boys decided they would help him zip it all the way up. so yeah, they succeeded and of course, hofe had to see so they helped him out and put his glasses on his face for him. boys are so silly. 
we went and saw captain america after all this went down. i can't say if i liked it or not cause i slept for about 75% of it. i have seen too many superhero movies in too little time. i'm not all that into them. i give it a "meh" and that it. 

and lastly, here is the wreath i made for m's cousin. the one that got married last week. i like how it turned out. i wish i had made a few more flowers to put on it, but i ran out of time. 

when i put the finishing touches on it, i had a hard time giving it away. i guess that means that i will just have to make another one! yay for crafts! 

okay, so back to halloween, give some ideas stat! it's okay if you don't, i won't be mad. 

well guys. i think you are great. thanks for reading my silly words and coming back every week. 
i will most likely have more exciting pictures next week since all the halloween festivities will be going down. stay tuned. 



tifsong said...


my idea.

you guys have a really exciting and good life.
i wish ours was so full of fun! :)

Aubrey said...

Custard = yum.
District 9 = freaky.
Pumpkin cookies = the best.
Bite size = even better!

Fun seeing you last weekend! What did you guys see? We saw "Crazy Stupid Love" and I think it should be renamed "Stupid stupid stupid." Good thing it was only a buck!

sydney gillman said...

ha ha oh hofe. what a great fella.