Wednesday, November 2, 2011

days 1 and 2.

30 days of gratitude. in photos.

day one.  my favorite food.
ice cream. not just this kind. any kind really. 
i am grateful for ice cream because sometimes at the end of a long day, i can eat some ice cream and it makes everything okay. of course, this isn't a very healthy food for me to call my favorite, but i cannot deny my love for the sweet {chocolate} ice cream treat. 

day two.  smiles.
like the one on my sweet niece lily. such a doll. 
there are about a million smiles i could put up here to show you, but i wanted to put this one up cause i took it this weekend and i thought it was the sweetest thing. i am grateful for smiles. i am grateful that they can brighten someones day and are so easy to give away. so go ahead, give someone a smile and let them know that you are happy to be alive. 

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