Saturday, November 5, 2011

days 4 and 5.

day four.  leaves.
pink leaves outside my house. 
i am grateful for leaves. i love that they mark the changing of the seasons and that i live in a place where i am able to enjoy each and every season.  i love especially love fall time and that crunchy sound that leaves make when walking through on them.  i love that when the leaves are crunching it is fall time and fall time means that the holidays are coming and the holiday season is my favorite time of the year. i am also grateful for green leaves that provide shade on hot summer days. leaves are just like all of us; different colors, shapes and sizes. and all make the world more beautiful. 

day five.   the morning sky. 
this is not a picture of the morning sky today. 
this morning it snowed and i was not about to go outside into the cold and take a picture of the sky.  i am grateful for the morning sky and that i am able to be alive every morning and enjoy the day. i must admit that i am not really a morning person and this time of year i am at work before the sun comes up which isn't my favorite thing, but i am grateful to be alive and to see the beautiful morning sky that is different every single day. 

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