Saturday, November 12, 2011

days 10, 11, and 12.

day ten.  nature.
this is an oldie but a goodie. 
i am so grateful for nature. i am able for the time that i am able to spend in the sun while lying on the grass, that i live so close to the glorious rocky mountains that i could just go climb them if i wanted (i haven't ever wanted to yet), i am grateful that i am just a short drive away from one of the most beautiful canyons ever. this world is absolutely amazing and we are all so lucky to be here. 
way to be awesome, earth! 

 day eleven.  written words.
this is my journal. 
i am grateful for my journal. i am grateful that i was so diligent in my journal writing for about 5 years. i am sad that i haven't done very well that past couple of years, but i am grateful that the world of technology has given me this lovely blog that i kind of use a journal. i am so grateful that i have the ability to write down my thoughts and feelings. i am grateful for all the beautiful ways that each of us can write from poetry to music to facebook posts. i am grateful that there are so many people out there that write words for us to read. i am a big fan of words and reading them.  

day twelve.  something old.
this tiny ring belonged to my great grandma. 
it is super tiny and has a tiny diamond in it. i used to wear this necklace almost everyday. i never knew my great grandma. or my grandma. my grandma died when i was about five. she lived in california and my family lived in utah. we went for a visit when i was really little, but of course, i don't remember.  i am grateful that i have this necklace to remind me of the great women in my life. even though i never met my grandma, but i kind of feel like when i wear it, she is there with me and getting to know me and who i am. i am grateful that i have something  i can hold in my hand to remember her since i don't have memories to look back on. i am grateful for my grandma and that she gave me my mom. 

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