Wednesday, November 16, 2011

days 15 and 16.

day fifteen.   technology.
yes, that's the x factor on tv. 
i'm not huge fan. there're just nothing else on and m. is gone. i am so grateful for technology. i am grateful for my phone, for my computer, for my tv, for my camera, for the radio, for the fancy electronic instruments that allow m. to make his sweet, sweet music and for all the technology out there that is yet to be discovered that is going to change the world as we know it. can you imagine the world our children are going to grow up in? i am grateful that i am fortunate enough to have so much technology at my fingertips. sometimes i would like to get rid of all of it, but then i think about it and i think thats a really dumb idea. i love technology...but not as much as you, you see. 

day sixteen.  animals. 
this is an insect. 
let me be honest, i am not the biggest fan of animals. correction, i am not the biggest fan of pets. i think animals are great, but i don't want to have one. i am grateful that there are animals on the earth (and in space? who knows!) and that they bring so much joy to so many people. i am grateful that animals help make the world go round. it kinda freaks me out that there are animals that we don't know very much about. i guess it's kinda the same with humans. way to be cool animals. if i could, i would give you all high fives. but only if you promised not to eat me. 

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