Tuesday, November 22, 2011

day 22.

day twenty-two.  clothing

this is our closet.
yes, it is kind of a mess. but that is how it goes. it is clean one day and a mess the next. i am so grateful for clothes. for all the clothes that i have that never get warn, but take up room in my closet and make me feel like i have SO MANY CLOTHES! i am grateful for the clothes that i do wear and that they are slowly wearing out. cause you know what that means...i get new clothes! i am grateful that i am able to wear clean clothes everyday and that i have a place to put them when i take the off at night.  if anyone reading this wants to send me on a shopping spree, i would be all for it. no questions asked. 

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Chelsey said...

I am loving your list! I am grateful for you Linds! You are an amazing sister and friend to me! Thanks!