Wednesday, November 9, 2011

days 8 and 9.

day eight.   favorite color.
this was my dinner tonight.
i am not really one to choose favorites when it comes to things like movies, colors, songs, etc. but i guess if i were to have to choose i would say green. there are so many shades of green that are so lovely. i especially love green in the spring and summer when the grass is green, the trees are green and the world is so alive. i am grateful for green and that is a sign of life. i am a big fan of life.

day nine.  an inspiring person
this is my mom.
and this is the most recent picture i could access of her. it is from her visit to texas with my dad to see my sister and family. i am so grateful for my mom. she has always been someone that i have looked up to. she is the absolute hardest worker i know. she is smart, kind, funny, generous, and the best grandma in the world. i look forward to the time when she will be a grandma to my children.  i am grateful that m. and i live so close to my parents. so close infact that we are in the same ward! (i am actually at their house as i write this). my mom is the greatest. and just so you know, she may be small, but she can and will take you down if you mess with her.
 also. i have never seen her belly button. is that weird?

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