Monday, November 7, 2011

day 6 and 7.

day six.  books.
just a handful of my favorite books. 
i am very grateful for books. i am grateful for writers and for how they can take me to whole different world with their words. i am grateful that there are so many creative and artist people out there that can write such wonderful words. and i am grateful that i can read, comprehend and understand the words that are written. someday, i will write a book. you'll see.

day seven.  something funny.
meet the most friendly batman on the planet. 
 i am grateful for this guy and for joy that he brings into my life. i am grateful that almost everyday on our way to work, he makes up a new song about how much he loves me. i am grateful that he is there is the night to keep me warm and is there to laugh with me when i get the bedtime giggles. i am grateful that he only swears when it is appropriate or to be funny. i am grateful that he knows how to make me laugh even when i am in a bad mood. and i am grateful that he always asks me #1 or #2 when i go to the bathroom. i am so lucky. 


Aubrey said...

HAHA that Batman costume is hilarious.

Carlie said...

I love that he asks you #1 or #2 when you go to the bathroom. That is hillarious!

Cassidy said...

I love a good book. We need to do some book trading! Come over, go through my books and borrow what you like and I'll do the same. What do you say?