Monday, November 21, 2011

days 17,18,19,20 and 21

i have a lot of catching up to do.

day seventeen.  memories.
m. and i at snow college homecoming. 
m. was an ambassador at snow before and after his mission so he had to go to the dance. and he asked me to go with him. the day of the dance was a very memorable day. and not really in a good way, but the night was much better. the dance was lame, i made my dress, m. looked awesome and had a sweet stache, my hair was real short and my feet hurt by the end of the night {naturally}. this was a very good day and i am grateful for the memory that i have of m. telling me that he loved me. not for the first time. and not for the last. but from his heart. he loved {loves} me. 

day eighteen.  something new.
this is my husband. age 12ish. 
i found this picture at my in-laws today and laughed my head off. it is so fun to me to find new pictures of my husband that i haven't seen before. i met him after he had lost all his baby fat and grew into his ears so to see these pictures is a whole new experience for me. i love finding new things. especially funny pictures. i am grateful that this silly little boy {who still loves basketball} is my husband. forever. oh how i love those ears! 

day nineteen.  best friend {s}.
these two gals are the best of the best. 
i have been friends with these girls for about 7 years and we have yet to fight, bicker or argue. i love these girls. i am so grateful that i can call them my friends. they are each so special in their own way. they make me laugh harder than almost anyone can. they both have hearts of gold and have been lucky enough to have found their soul mates {both of which are going to be dentists!}. i cannot thank the lord enough for blessing me with these two beauties. {i need a new picture of the 3 of us. this was the only one i had on hand.}

day twenty.  seasonal.
it snowed this weekend. 
as you can see, it didn't snow very much. i was expecting more, but it hasn't come yet. i am not one to jump for joy at the first sight of snow. i love when the seasons change. i love wearing coats and gloves and scarves and being cuddly warm, but the cold is what i am never prepared for. with that being said, i am grateful that i am able to experience the cold so that i am appreciate the warmth even more. i am so grateful for each beautiful season and that i live in the heart of the rockies and in the middle of a desert at the same time. how does that work? i don't really know. 

day twenty-one.  where you sleep.
this is our bed. 
yes, our comforter is very girly. a new one is the works. i am so grateful for our bed. it is so cozy. i am grateful that my parents got it for us when we got married and even moved it into our {old} apartment for us. we had to move it out, but that was way easier than getting it in. i am grateful that at the end of each day i have a place to rest my head. that i am able to be warm when i sleep and have a nice warm blanket on top of me. oh how i love my {our} bed. 

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