Sunday, October 9, 2011

i can count to ten.

sunday is here. and almost over. and this is going to be quick.

1. i totally sucked at going to the gym this week. we had a lot going on and i was not motivated at all. this next week will be way better.
2. i am a little stressed right now because we are waiting to hear if m. got into the PR program at byu. we find out tomorrow so the stressed will be gone soon enough.
3. we had our ward primary program today. it was great. the kids are great. but the two hour practice on saturday morning was a struggle.
4. speaking of saturday. it was the most lazy day i have had in a while. and guess what, it was great. i went grocery shopping, then we moved our mattress into the living room and watched community and took a nap. awesome.
5. saturday night we hung out and had dinner with m.'s cousins. he has 5 cousins born in the same year, but we only hung out with two of those cousins. one cousin is married, the other engaged and to be married later this month. it was a great time.
6. we stopped by our friends house after the cousin dinner. we watched the byu game which, i was not too thrilled about cause like i said a few posts ago, i am done with football. but it was fun to hang out and see our friends new apartment. it is adorable.
7. we saw the movie 50/50 on friday night (btw, i am just realizing this is not in chronological order at all, but i am too tired to change it. sorry). anyway. 50/50 was really good. a lot of swears in the first half, but the second half was way good and brought a tear to my eye. i give it a thumb and a half up!
8. m.'s mom gave us a ton of pasta tonight. i don't know when we will ever eat it all, but i am way happy to not have to buy any for a long time! and we like pasta in this house, so if you want to invite yourself over for a pasta dinner, feel free.
9. there is major construction going on on our street, right outside our house actually. it is great! psych. it is so loud and annoying and getting out of our driveway is a little bit of a challenge and a little dangerous. but we are still here, so unless you hear otherwise, we survived the construction.
10. just to end this on a nice round number, let me just tell you that i love my dear m. and the life we have together. he is the whole world.

alright. i gotta go to bed guys. i didn't even sunday nap today so i am feeling quite fatigued.
i'll have something cooler to post during the week. stay tuned.

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tifsong said...

i loved 50/50.
and i love you.

and i want to take a nap on my bed in my living room. but it won't fit.