Tuesday, October 18, 2011

this is turning into a tuesday thing.

helllloooooo. (think seinfeld)
how are things on your side of the screen? good, i hope.
all is well in these parts and i have much to say so i will get right to it.

first off!
the best news of last week!
m. got into the PR program at byu! finally our lives can be in motion and working toward something!
he was relieved and so was i. i wanted him to wait for me to open it with him, but he couldn't so he called me and said "yay, i got in". and then we hung up and went on with our day. we should work on our celebratory skills.

i have been really bad at wearing my wedding ring. since i don't wear my ring to bed, i put in on before i leave the room in the morning but lately i have been worried about taking my birth control pill (cause forgetting that is worse than forgetting my ring) in the morning so when i leave our bedroom and don't go back in, i don't wear my ring. the other day i didn't wear it to work and i felt weird so i made one out of a strip of paper.
i had to make a couple cause it came off when i washed my hand, but it did the job and it was so colorful. but not as sparkly. ps. i have worn my ring everyday since this incident. 

we had almost no plans this past weekend and it was a good thing too cause we were both feeling under the weather. m. more so than myself. he was sick all friday night so i made him some soup and he felt a little bit better, but the secret remedy to healing my husband does not come in syrups and pills. it comes in pizza. i bought him a frozen pizza, baked it, and taaadaaa, he was healed. it was a miracle.

since the pizza healed m. on friday night, we actually left the house on saturday. we watched the byu game, against my will. and i am not ashamed to say that i slept for most of it. we wanted to do something on saturday night since we stayed home the night before. so, for the first time, we used our beloved poaps! we went to trafalga in lehi, and stood in line for about twenty minutes to ride the go-carts.
and then what did we do? we left. ha. we had our fun and didn't want to ruin it with anything else so we hit the road. we met up with h.&b. for dinner and then they joined us in watching THOR at our house. it was an okay flick. i was surprised i didn't fall asleep. cause i always fall asleep.

monday night, m. was gone to band practice and i had been wanting to make some fall decorations, so i called up my mom and off we went. i got my supplies and the decor was in the works. i glued, glittered, and glittered some more and ended up with...
the most glorious and sparkling pumpkins this house has ever seen! i want to make more just because i love everything glitter, but i will resist. i must tell you though, i already have pinecones set aside to glitter (yes, to glitter something is a verb) for christmas! yee! 

the pumpkins had to dry some before i could touch up the glitter, so my mom and i made the most delicious banana bread. you see, i don't like bananas, but i am a sucker for good banana bread and the bread we made last night was king of the banana breads. i mean, just look at house high it rose. and that golden brown, shiny crust on top, yeah, that is pure sugary goodness.
oh man, my mouth is watering, how about yours? 

work has been super busy the past couple of days, yesterday more than today and by the time i get off, i am nearly exhausted. for some reason this afternoon on the way home, i was awoken and suddenly feeling very patriotic. maybe it had something to do with this. 
doesn't that make you want to just rise up out of your drivers seat and sing the national anthem for all to hear? yeah me neither, but check that out. this guy does not mess around. ps. sorry if this is your car. 

life is going real good around these parts. m. is at the gym right now. i was planning on going with him, but i remembered at the last minute that i had my visiting teaching to do. so i am just here, my stomach grumbling, watching an episode of 30 rock for the 25th time and not even being sick of it, listening to the dryer nearly finished with my laundry that i am completely dreading folding and secretly thinking i might even just leave in there for a few days, and totally wishing that i had a picture of the cutest wreath i made for m.'s cousin this week. i'll show you soon. m. has the pic on his phone. stay tuned. 

well bloggies. i hope life is going great for all of you. if not, watch this video. it might make you smile.
our neighbors asked us to feed their dogs while they were out of town. m. found them playing in this unusual place when he brought their food out. and their ways of getting down are quite inventive as well. silly dogs. i hope this vid made you laugh. it gets me every single time. 

alright. this post will suffice until next week. stay tuned until then. 


www.mostblessedman.blogspot.com said...

Congrats, Mason on getting accepted in the PR program. That is awesome. Thanks Lindsey for posting your blog so we can all stalk you guys.

The Davis Duo said...

Silly dogs.

I love banana bread too. You and I are like two peas in a pod but more in love then most peas.