Thursday, July 31, 2008


today i said goodbye.
to something that i hated.
but at the same time was so comfortable with.
today i said so long.
to so many people that i have gotten to know so well.
but at the same time have no real idea of who they really are.
today i said adios.
to a job that was taking me no where.
but at the same time giving me more than i worked for.
today i said see you later.
to people that i won't see later.
but at the same time hope to run into someday.
today i said bon voyage.
there was no celebration.
no send off.
just a regular day.
and a goodbye.

1 comment:

Tiffani said...

i bet it is a bit of a bitter sweet feeling. you were with them for a long time, eh?

i hope you are bucketloads of happy now.

love you.
ps. i'm sorry i've been a bad friend, and so distant on so many levels.