Tuesday, October 26, 2010

please please me.

well. it's taken a while for me to get here,
but happy 100th post everyone.

to celebrate my 100th post,
I am going to start the thirty day blog challenge.
but i am going to tell you right now, that i won't be able to post everyday,
because we don't have the internet at our house.
not because i don't have the drive to do the challenge.

ok. let us begin.
day one.
a picture of yourself and fifteen things about you.

this is me.

and these are things about me.
one. i love my husband more than anything.
two. my current favorite item of clothing is: cardigans.
three. i have the greatest family. including my inlaws. best ever.
four. i work at a law firm. no, i'm not a lawyer. maybe someday.
five. i want a sewing machine for christmas. spread the word.
six. my favorite tv show is the office. but i have a secret love for glee as well.
seven. i love the gospel.
eight. my husband and i dressed up as uncle jesse and prego aunt becky from full house for halloween. awesome.
nine. there is a very likely possibility i will have twins.
ten. i live within ten minutes from my parents and inlaws.
eleven. my husband is one of the smartest people i know.
twelve. i am slowing working up the courage to sing in front of people. like a crowd of people.
thirteen. just for my husband, i love the jazz! whoo, go jazz!
fourteen. august 11, 2010 was the best day of my life.
fifteen. i wish i had more talents. like the one this guy has.


tifsong said...

i love you.

Chelsey said...

do you want to paint like Bob Ross? That is the next thing I want to learn. But I will probably have to wait a few year before I can cause I need a house i think for the stinkiness of the painting (mostly cleaning the brushes). if i did it here- well we would probably die of fumes and our neighbors would hate us.Anyways- love you linds I think you are WONDERFUL!