Thursday, November 11, 2010

day seven.

and then came the seventh day:
a picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you.

meet m.
my best friend.
my one and only.
my husband forever.

i first met m. in ninth grade. we had math together and although i have no memory of math really, i remember choosing this guy, my future husband, as the guy with the best smile in all of the ninth grade. and still think it's true. he has a smile that makes me melt and a laugh that is hilarious and contagious at the same time.
we have been through a lot together and since that day he first kissed me, january 24, 2004, we have been best friends ever since. he has seen me at my best, and seen me at my worst and never has he ever made me feel less than what i am. he has brought me up from feeling like nothing and has made me so happy that i feel like i could soar with the birds. of course, our lives haven't always easy and although neither of us are perfect, he is the one that i feel is as close as they come. he is perfect for me. in every way. he is the cheese to my macaroni.
i love him more than ever.

to m.
i'll be your branches.
if you'll be my roots.
and together we are a tree.
reaching ever upward.



its simple love said...

You guys are way too cute! I love this challenge you have going on. It's so fun!


Christa said...

I love this post Linds. you guys are so cute! I'm glad you got married.