Monday, March 1, 2010

dizzy miss lizzy.

oh my.
there has been much that has happened between my last post and now.
first off.
i have been hanging out with these guys.
they're bff's, if you can't tell. and they have really cool tattoo's.

secondly, i went down to etown. to watch this guy play some music.

with these guys.

it was a great show. truly.

i got home from etown and about five hours later, went to the hospital.
and put on this outfit. and this wristband.

and has this (gall bladder) taken out of my body.

everything went well. and when i woke up i had these, and these, and these.

i was so surprised.

let me just say that the recovery is going well. i am crazy tired, and it is way hard to breathe but it will be excellent to be able to eat any and all the foods i want.

in other news. i'm seeing this,

on friday. i can't wait.


tifsong said...

well. i am glad to hear you're getting better. and those flowers and ballooons sure are great. and mason and gibby are so hardcore.
i want to go to etown and listen to them play. i want to go to etown, just because, too.

i love you linds.

Krista Smith said...

I'm glad that you're alive.
I like Masons new glasses.
Your blog is always the cutest.
You should win a prize.

Krista Smith said...

oh oh oh.
and was that picture of you waiting for your surgery, just sitting there with the IV in your arm? Cause that was the very worst part for me. I was freaking out. FREAK.

tifsong said...

hi! i just gave you a really cool blog award. :)

The Davis Duo said...

those boys rock and you're so lucky to seem them more then I do. As for the picture of your insides...ew. I'm glad that thing is gone, and all is well!