Monday, February 22, 2010

get back.

what is up with the weather lately?
i said in my last post that it was feeling like spring and all of the sudden mr. snowy blizzard came back in an angry fit and dumped a new blanket of snow on us northern utah folk. where does he get off?
i'm just a little annoyed.

i just realized.
today is my half birthday.
i'm going to go eat some ice cream to celebrate.

but before i do that.
let me just tell you all a little something that you may already know.
life, is so great.

also. i'm going to make a dress soon.
do you have any ideas?


tifsong said...

make this dress.

and then make it for me. but with a different pattern on bottom. or something. i need to learn how to sew.

i hope you had a happy half birthday. i love you.

The Davis Duo said...

make a long white one with lots of lace

Jordan Huntington said...

I do not have ideas for the dress, but I would love to see it in the end, AND photograph you in it! That would fabulous if that worked out! Oh, and your link to my page is defective, I am now, just so you know these things! later Lovely. - Jo