Tuesday, February 2, 2010

this boy.

i have been thinking a lot about this boy that i kind of, like--ok, love.
and i just want to share with you all (whoever you are) some tidbits of why i love that big ol' hunk of man i call m.
i chose twenty two reasons. because twenty two is our best number.

one. he is the strongest man i know. in heart. spirit. body. and mind.
two. he loves his family. and misses them when he's away.
three. he loves me. and tells me everyday.
four. he's the greatest friend. to me and everyone.
five. he's driven. and will be anything he wants to be.
six. he doesn't give up. nor will he ever.
seven. he doesn't believe in lucky numbers. but his is two. just like mine.
eight. he's super funny. and tells way good jokes.
nine. his left leg is 3/4 in. longer than his right. and he totally owns it.
ten. he is a great listener. and a great talker.
eleven. he appreciates the arts.
twelve. he speaks french. enough said.
thirteen. he has the most beautiful voice. and he loves to share it with anyone and everyone.
fourteen. he can grow a mean beard in less than a week. can your man do that?
fifteen. he loves the gospel. and honors his priesthood.
sixteen. he's going to let me wax his chest someday. it's going to be epic.
seventeen. he's ridiculously good looking. and he knows it.
eighteen. he's not a crier. but he's got a big shoulder to cry on if you need it.
nineteen. he sees the good in everyone.
twenty. he is genuine. in every sense of the word.
twenty one. he wants to be the change in the world. and i know he will be.
twenty two. he is mine. and doesn't want to be anyone else's.
and i'm totally ok with that.

m.pie. you are my best friend. i know you'll never read this. but je t'aime. toujours. toujours.

happy love month everyone.
spread it loud and proud.



the militonis said...

linds you two are so cute! you deserve each other....so sweet! one day you two will go to the temple and it will be even better....so excited!

Liz said...

My man can grow a beard that fast!
Beat that lindsey moultrie!

....I like you and Mason a lot. I've been secretly rooting for you two since tenth grade when you always walked down the hall wearing matching glasses.

tifsong said...

aw. i am so feelin' the romance.
i love him.
and i love you.
and it's perfect.

Ksu said...

Hmmm... Though I don't know you and you don't know me, but I'm very glad for you, judging by that that you write you madly happy and it's magic!)

Chelsey said...

I love it all! I want to hear his beautiful voice. Tell him he better share it with the Moultrie's at the next gathering.

lindsey. said...

dear blog readers,
you all make me so happy.

bless you.


Hoggan and Julie said...

You make me happy - you are very poetic!