Wednesday, February 10, 2010

you like me too much.

hello all.
life is just so great. if you didn't already know. the sun has been out almost everyday the past little while. i can feel spring coming, can you?
i can't wait to be able to hang out outside and not have to wear a coat all the time. ode to joy.

in other news.
i'm selling all my snowboarding gear (only used once, and it wasn't even by me) if anyone is interested in purchasing it. if you are, let me know and i'll give you the details.

this is us and we are we.
and that is a fedora on m.pie's head.

don't we look good?

happy valentines day in three days.
love love love.


The Davis Duo said...

Today, I'm not feeling the spring time.

Chase & Rachael Skidmore said...

You two are adorable. Quite quite adorable. I love the way you write. Your blogs are fun and easy to read.

Happy Love Day in a few.

Chelsey said...

You do you Good!See you Saturday!