Sunday, January 24, 2010

it's only love.

dear world.

let me tell you a story. it's about this girl. lets call her l. and this boy. lets call him m. (yes i get the irony that l, could be me, and m. could be mason. but lets get past that and move on with the story) and today, marks the day that the two of them have been best friends for not one, or two, but six years.
yes, i know that is a very long time. and it has been quite the roller coaster ride.
l. has had a lot of time on her hands today and has been thinking about the past six years a lot today and has come up with a few highlights that have gone down between m. and l.

let me enlighten you.
sophomore year. m. and l. had chemistry together. coincidence? 1.24.04. what a great day that was. they went to the hypnotist. bliss.
junior year. they both turned 16. on december 3 they went on their first date. to temple square to see the lights. it was freezing. but they got hot cocoa. happiness.
senior year. life took a turn and they both needed to grow up. they did. and when graduation came, they were finally on a hanging out level again. wonderful.
m. was at snow college. l. was at uvu (formerly uvsc). m. went to washington. l. did not. they saw each other for two days that summer. magic.
m. left on his mission to montreal. l. stayed here. work work work for the both of them. they wrote a letter each week. patience.
year two of m.'s mission. l. went to china. they wrote each week. they grew up. and grew closer together though the space between them was farther and wider. strength.
he is home. and found out his left leg is 3/4 inches longer than his right. and he lost his appendix. deal breaker? never.
they're together and not going anywhere. perfect.

what is next for 2010, you ask? well, it's only january, but i'm pretty sure this year is going to get better and better as the seasons come and go.

for the record: l. is so blessed to have m. in her life. he's the man. for real, everyone. a real manly man. and even though the doctor had to shave half his his chest for his appendectomy, he still has more hair on his chest than anyone else l. knows.
and that, dear world, is a real man.

alright world, i guess this is the end for now. until next time. keep on being awesome.
and be sure to say a prayer for the souls in haiti.
they need us. that includes you.


ps. february is almost here, do you have a valentine?


tifsong said...

hey. good story linds.

l and m are a match made in heaven.
i know this, it's true.

i have a j for valentines and i'm pretty excited, too.

also, i miss you? it's been a week with no communication.

Chelsey said...

I love this story! I can't wait to hear more of it!

The Davis Duo said...

If M has on 1/2 the chest hair. J is now more manly.

Jessica Rae said...

thanks for putting a smile on my face:)

Chase & Rachael Skidmore said...

Lindsey! How have you been? I love your blog. You are simple adorable.