Sunday, January 3, 2010

a day in the life.

alright bloggies.
here's the update i promised.
let me just start of by stating that:


and i am so happy.
the reunion with the one, m. t. porter, went down last night (saturday january 2, 2010) at about 5:45pm.
you see, i had been planning on going to the breakfast party that was going down at the porter abode, but unfortunately did not get a phone call until around 5:32pm, which i later found out was because m. did not have a telephone and didn't want to see me until we could actually hang out. great idea!
so, i waited around all day and was very patient (sort of) and finally when the phone call came as previously stated at 5:32, i immediately headed over to the porter house. it took me 11 minutes to get there. it was a very long 11 minutes.
i walked up to the door. i could hear my heart beating. my hands were shaking. i saw him through the window sitting at the kitchen table. he looked exactly as i remembered. my eyes got watery. i rang the door bell. his sister dayne answered. he came walking through the dining room. i felt like i was going to melt. he was wearing a vintage canadian hockey jersey. it was blue. he asked how i was. i said i was great. he put his arms around me. my eyes watered some more, but my giant smile didn't let the tears leave my eyes. we embraced. my heart was thumping against his chest. i was worried he could hear it. he didn't let go too soon. and when he did. our eyes met and my heart skipped a few beats.
he is home.
we sat in the kitchen, ate quesodillas with his family. it was like no time had passed. i just kept on looking at him in disbelief. i couldn't believe he was there. i had to touch him a few times to make sure he was real. he was, of course.
he touched my leg a few times as we sat at the table and made jokes and laughed at each other and everything else that was going on. i was surprised and instantly twitterpated. i had the giggles going wild inside of me.
as the night progressed, the two of us, along with some friends and family, went to the porter basement and watched the beloved jazz take on the nuggets. it was a long game. and unfortunately it didn't go as we all had hoped, but that didn't put a damper on the night. after all, the night was far from over.
post jazz game, we made our way to the gibby abode. with a pit stop at the millers house, and then the smith house where we heard a tragic story of "the battle of the bands: the death of macbook." following the tragic story we made it to the gibby house where the 11 (or so) of us that were there, squeezed into the theatre room, which became very muggy and hot after about half an hour. gross. and watched "taken". a pretty violent movie for m. to watch after 2 years of not watching any. but, when it was all said and done. the movie was enjoyed and all was well.
he is home.

let me just sum this up by saying once again that i am so happy.
life is so great. and i am so grateful that m. served a mission and is home and is happy and heathy.

i hope all of you had a wonderful january 2. i know that mine was unbelievable.

xo. linds.


the militonis said...

linds i am so happy for you ! you guys are the cutest!

The Davis Duo said...

You happy = my happy

us happy + Mason > The world

Its meee Jessica said...

yeah that made me teary eyed. I am so happy for you

Chelsey said...

Wahoo! Welcome home,Mason!

Krista Smith said...

this is beautiful!
I'm so happy for you linds.
so, happy.

tifsong said...

i am overjoyed.

Clayton and Danielle said...

Umm pretty much you just made my day. Ha ha ha. I think I cried, just a little while reading, stupid hormones. Really.You.Made.My.Day.

Andrew & Elise said...

I love that!! Brought back so many memories. Especially thinking... "Is this real??" Enjoy it!

Carlie said...

AWWWW!!!!! YAY!!! I am so so so happy for you, and also so happy that everything went well. LOVE IT!