Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i've just seen a face.

i have this friend.
her name is jessica rae {perry} schaack.
you see, she takes photographs in her spare time.
and recently she took some photos of hannah and myself.

everyone needs to check out her photos. click HERE.
she is living proof that beauty is all around us because she has a way of capturing that beauty in every photo she takes.

what i am trying to say here, is that she is incredible.

bless you jess.
and thank you.

ps. for all of you that are wondering, i officially have a b/f now. and we're so happy together.
sorry there aren't any pictures to document the amount of happiness that is going on, but honestly, it's the most happiness i've felt in my life.



tifsong said...

linds. those pictures are incredible. sincerely. i was left breathless. i want to have madskill like her! you two are gorgeous.

and yay for having a boyfriend.
and feeling so happy.

i love it. i love you. see you tomorrow? okay.

Its meee Jessica said...

i think im blushing.